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#193103 Trangender Shows !

Posted CreativeSaul on 19 August 2011 - 12:11 PM

Went to see Rachaels Cafe- The Play at  recently also saw the simon callow show tuesdays at telco which I thout would be similar but whereas Rachaels story was positive and quite uplifting, this was very sad and depressing.  I'm happy to see these issues being tackled in the theatre but am sure the transcended community will benefit far more from the light handed way that Lucy dancer has used here.
I wish that this sympathetically written and beautifully acted play had a better venue which it so richly deserves.

#283246 From Here To Eternity, Shaftesbury Theatre

Posted mjr on 08 November 2013 - 01:39 AM

I tend not to get involved in conversations like this, but despite personal feeling towards shows, I feel it rather sad to wish them to close. If people started chatting online about your place of work closing because things were not going so well it would not feel great. The cast may not be your favourite, but there is a bloody good orchestra and crew working on this show, and I fear the worst or them! Think about those that are often forgotten in this sort of situation. I think its time some people grew up on this board. Its fine not to like a show, but try and be adult about it.

#238342 Sophie Evans To Headline At The Royal Albert Hall This October

Posted ginab on 25 September 2012 - 05:22 PM

Can’t wait for former Dorothy Sophie Evans' very first solo show in London next Thursday (4th Oct) and would love to see you there  http://www.royalalbe...ns/default.aspx

#296226 X Factor The Musical To The Palladium

Posted vertigo1 on 11 March 2014 - 01:01 PM

How does it look like a good score from the song names?

#293916 Unexpected Moments!

Posted Nicholas on 23 February 2014 - 12:19 PM

View PostMrs Lovett, on 22 February 2014 - 09:31 PM, said:

have u been to a performance where something unexpected has happened???!

We went to see My Fair Lady, and Martine McCutcheon was on.

#292843 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Posted BurlyBeaR on 13 February 2014 - 11:05 PM

Just back from the second night in Manchester. WHAT A FAB SHOW!

I had no preconceptions about it at all, never even saw the film but I sat there literally with a smile on my space the whole night. And guess who the stand out performance was.... Rufus Hound and that was the last thing I was expecting. He's so energetic, very cute, the acting is great and the singing great too. He certainly shows up Robert Lindsay in that department.

All the cast were excellent. No weak links, loved Samantha Bond and the guy who plays the French guy. The costumes and design were gorgeous, it looks very very classy.

Got invited to a focus group afterwards and the feedback was pretty much 100% positive. Some sound issues bring the only real complaint (orchestra too loud on some songs, drowning the vocal).

I really wasn't in the mood for going tonight but so glad I did. Loved it.

#189861 Jermyn Street Theatre

Posted vickster51 on 21 July 2011 - 10:42 AM

Has anyone on this forum been to this theatre? Quite curious what it's like and thinking about trying to go to Danger! Memory before it finishes on Saturday.

#291420 Used Tickets

Posted Cardinal Pirelli on 01 February 2014 - 09:20 PM

Maybe they want an alibi.

#276836 Assassins And Woman In White?

Posted Orchestrator on 02 September 2013 - 06:12 PM

Someone did try to tell you guys :-)

View PostOrchestrator, on 22 July 2013 - 02:04 PM, said:

Cinderella on Ice with Cilla Black
Anyone Can Whistle; the Noh/Semaphore version, starring Meatloaf and Sarah Palin
No, No, Nanette (Ballet) featuring live Ninjas
Despicable Me—The Stage Show with actual drama critics as the Minions
Ivor Novello—A Retrospective; Biggins playing Novello
Dynamo Derek—a unique novelty act
Everton—The Dance Spectacular (co-produced by Bill Kenwright)

#84687 Famous People You've Seen In The Audience

Posted JonnyBoy on 21 August 2009 - 05:55 PM

Can't remember there being a specific thread for this sort of thing.  So who've you spotted in the audience at the theatre?  Have you sat directly next to anyone famous?

Off the top of my head:
Lenny Henry at Hairspray
Brian Paddick at a cabaret table in La Cage
John Hurt and Kilroy at His Girl Friday (NT) - they weren't together!
Tom Stoppard at ...some trace of her (NT)
James Corden at House of Bernada Alba (NT)
Anne Marie Duff watching James McAvoy in Three Days of Rain
Simon Amstell at Some Girls (watching friend Catherine Tate)
Charles Dance watching Piaf
Michael Billington watching and reviewing Entertaining Mr Sloane

#299989 Time To Support Theatre On Forum!

Posted freckles on 10 April 2014 - 10:20 AM

A forum is designed for an exchange of views.

I'm getting a bit tired of people being slapped down for not praising everything to the heights - whether they are critics, members of forums or people on social media. The ultimate measure of success is surely the production itself, and I see no harm in forum members discussing their views freely. Of course, as with all forums there will always be trolls & extremists, but there are enough heartfelt, genuine contributors on WOS to make it a very useful & interesting resource.

I too feel that I support theatre by buying tickets (and programmes & drinks etc) but if I really didn't rate a production, I don't see any harm in sharing my views. I am interested to hear what others have to say when I'm thinking of booking something and it would be a great loss to me if everybody were unerringly positive and "supportive" at the expense of honest opinion. Of course, I am the first to share when I absolutely love something too.

I know there has been discussion in the media recently about the effect of word-of-mouth and social media on the success, or failure, of a show but think there is a very real danger of social media platforms being hi-jacked by PR bods rather than genuine theatre goers. (Even on these boards, you know who you are!) Many productions use social media as an aspect of their publicity; for some smaller, underfunded shows it is often relied upon as the primary means of promotion. Hence sometimes what one reads online does not truly reflect how the majority of the audience reacted, or how well a show is selling. I've seen at least two fringe productions that were so talked up on twitter that you'd have thought they could have instantly transferred to & filled the Palladium, yet when I saw them, they were seriously lacking. I think the lines between PR and genuine debate are becoming blurred, and feel forum members have a duty to maintain the WOS Forum as a platform for genuine comment & opinion.

So carry on with your observations; I'm going to & I doubt our comments can ever really be blamed for closing a show, the responsibility for that does lie with the production itself.

#295483 X Factor The Musical To The Palladium

Posted Mrs Lovett's Meat Pie on 06 March 2014 - 11:20 PM

Website says 2 hours 30 mins with an interval, 14 mins without

#287716 My Favourite Things In 2013

Posted Lynette on 24 December 2013 - 05:42 PM

Just popping in to this thread to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and a theatre full 2014. No collapsing ceilings!

#276532 Disgraceful Customer Service

Posted Mrs Lovett's Meat Pie on 29 August 2013 - 11:23 PM

"ooops sorry didn't realise this was a spelling forum....get a life will you !"

Grammar, not spelling, darling.

#275668 Evita Uk Tour 2013

Posted mrtheatre123 on 19 August 2013 - 07:47 PM

Really?? A cast recording with Marti on it??

#268214 The Cripple Of Innishmaan

Posted Lynette on 09 June 2013 - 03:11 PM

I'm not prepared to give it a chance at the price I paid. I don't give a pricey dress a chance if it has wonky seams - I don't buy it or I take it back. Of course the experience of theatre isn't like that but no one can accuse me of not putting my money where my mouth is. So I feel entitled to say that something is not as good as it could be or ought to be. Previews should be cheaper then. Sometimes they are. But his was full price last night and much more than I normally spend on top price tix in every other London theatre.

#128290 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted justafan on 14 June 2010 - 04:01 PM

I went to a west end musical last week where an incident happened whereby several people kept on talking through the show - a gentleman asked them to be quiet several times but they continued to be rowdy - at the interval they followed him into the restroom and asked him if he wanted to continue it outside - he reported them to the staff and they were escorted from the theatre.  I have had a similar situation at a local theatre and in fact the gentleman who kept talking apparently took a match and was going to light it and burn my jacket and it was only when we were leaving that another audience member told us what had happened.  I immediately reported the incident and was told that they would trace this person by the seat booking.  After a few days the theatre contacted me to say they could not trace the booking!!!  However, he was a regular theatregoer as he always sat in the same seat behind us and tended to go to musicals and we have not seen him since so I am a little suspicious as to why he suddenly doesn't go to the theatre but anyway why do some people constantly talk throughout a show - I have paid to go and see and listen to the cast not the audience and why do they get so offensive and rude when you ask them to be quiet.  It spoils it for so many people and some audience members are too polite to ask them to be quiet but it is extremely rude - also does drink have something to do with it as well?  Sadly it seems to be happening more and more often and I would be interested to hear what other people think.

#299567 Urinetown

Posted xanderl on 07 April 2014 - 10:32 AM

So it's pissed off then?

#297908 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted theatremonkey.com on 25 March 2014 - 09:15 AM

Idiot at “Blithe Spirit” (loved it, Lansbury is ‘pure theatrical Sanatogen’) resting box of Maltesers on floor, bending down to pick one out every few minutes. Anyway:

Hello Dragons. I am seeking an investment in my new invention: “scratch and sniff” theatre programmes, impregnated with chloroform.

“Good evening, person sitting in front of me” (humming along, eating crisps, checking phone), “would you” (scratches programme) “like a free programme, as I have two?” (leans over and holds right in front of person’s nose)...

#296168 Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Posted vertigo1 on 11 March 2014 - 03:16 AM

Mr Barnaby I was the critic from WOS, I assure you I'm not 'village Hall' I am somebody who works in the industry as a director, writer and producer and have won awards and nominations for my work, and i also write for a few theatre sites.

I will ALWAYS give my 100 percent honest opinion on all aspects of a show and thought DRS was outstanding, I was lucky enough to see the Broadway Production as well and thought this matched it all the way (in fact I think set and costumes were far better).

I really hope this finds an audience in London as it really deserves it. I hope all of you that get to see the show have as much fun as I did.