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----- London Street Market Walks
By Street Market Blog

Sandra Shevey runs daily guided walks around London`s ancient street markets throughout the year including Christmas and the New Year.  Her walk around Smithfield meat market on Christmas Eve Day is extremely popular and she will this year be running it again.

Sandra believes in sustainability and the local London markets and has been stumping up support since 1990 when she began her company of guided walks.

She still knows more than most and corrected Mayor Boris at the World Travel Market when she said that Dark Sugars (didn`t mention by name) was in Walthamstow.  `No`, said Sandra, `Leyton...and they have kiosks in Brixton and at the Borough market.  They are my favourite London confectioner, bar none`

Sandra believes there is no one time to see the markets and thus runs 3-hour/3-market walks in the morning (8am), in the evening (9pm) and at midday (11am)  The 11am walks include some interior views.

Prose/poetry about the markets are read in conjunction and this has been what makes Sandra`s walking tours unique.  That and  Sandra`s commitment to the markets.  

`We are always adding new markets,` says Sandra.  `I know include Brixton, Deptford, Greenwich, East Street and a few others.  I support local markets, maybe not to the exclusion of but certainly in preference to the Foodies which threaten to displace and pre-empt`

Contact: sandra_shevey@yahoo.com

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Sandra`s DVD profiling 4 ancient markets (Smithfield, Borough, Spitalfield and Covent Garden) is a great Christmas gift.  Trailer at http://sandrashevey.tripod.com
Obtainable at sandra_shevey@yahoo.com

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