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Legally Blonde - Savoy Theatre

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#21 Millie Dillmount

Millie Dillmount

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 08:44 PM

i went to the sunday matinee this afternoon - a rare sight to see a house full sign out!

initially i thought that compared to broadway that the production would look really cramped, but it worked well - there was a couple of glitches with the set - they brought the cloth down about two minutes in, because the house front of the delta nu house didnt fly when it was meant to. Also in the court room scene the trucking stage left with the table and chairs didnt go back into the wings - there was a stage manager who crawled on, removed the mechanism and it was pulled off

other than that, and a tempromental dog at the curtain call it was fab. sheridan smith was fabulous. jill halfpenny was also great, as was alex gaumond, aoife mullholland (god she looked amazing!) and duncan james

it still needs a bit of tightening up in terms of the staging and the blocking, but performance wise it was top notch

i was also pleased to see that despite being a 'name' duncan james took his bow in the same place as the guy who played it on broadway, and that even as the unknown alex gaumond still got second bow - i was fully expecting a rehash of the bows to account for duncan james being a name, but they didnt!

#22 Guest_guest_*

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 08:53 PM

What's the running time?

#23 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 09:04 PM

Just read this on another forum regarding ireland lyric changes, I'm not sure if its 100% right...

First bit up to Celtic Moods is the same then....
See my mum was 3/4 Italian
And my father I never knew
But my grandfather came from Ireland,
the land were dreams came true
Elle: Ireland?
Paullette: ye Ireland
He said all Irish men are like heroes
There descended from poets and kings
So I thought Id get married in Ireland
In a wedding like lord of the rings

And my red headed groom I can see him
As we sprawl pass the churches and founts
Hes a sailor named Brendan
Elle: oh ye
He can dance without moving his arms
In a bar once I met this guy Dewey,
and he brought me like 14 beers
And he told me that he was from Ireland
and I lived with him ten years
And my wedding he kept on postponing
still I followed around in a fog
Until he left with some skanky big boney,
to my savings and took my dog

My grandfather should just shut it
And restoring the good Irish blood
All the dreams gave me god gut it
All is left is this weird Anya song

Hey You should not give up on Ireland
just be careful you don't get played
And don't drink till you tear your top off
and flash the same Patrick's day parade,
see a girl smart as you has a future
you have hope as each new day dawns
Girls like you get to see Ireland.
send my love to the leppricorn.

and its 2hours 25mins

#24 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 09:23 PM

I have to say I saw this on Broadway and was blown away this afternoon. I went with very high expectation. It is a downscaled production but I thought it was superbly done. I went mostly because I was shocked at how bad the Children In Need performance and was intrigued.

My doubts were out the window tho. Sheridan was INCREDIBLE. I thought her performance was actually better than Laura Bell Bundy. Mostly due to her acting - I just thought her characterisation and timing was perfect. Her voice was very strong also - very impressive - which completely shocked me. It was a powerful belt she had on her.

The rest of the cast were very strong too. Alex G delivered a laid back and accomplished performance. Jill H was nice but I preferred the power of Orfeh. The only person I wasn't keen on was the guy playing Callahan. And I thought Duncan was good - he suited the role.

All in all a great show which deserves a decent run and Sheridan deserves an award for the show. x

#25 Guest_criticmaster_*

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Posted 06 December 2009 - 11:03 PM

Saw LB this afternnon and here are my notes.

As it was the 2nd preview i didnt have high hopes but was totally suprised!
After a restart due to the set not lifting properly, the show got off to a great start and the dog was so good!
Sheridan arrived on set to huge cheers and she looked, sounded and acted just right!

Duncan james then came out of the door also to cheers and looked exacly how warner should be (good casting)...was actually suprised at how much of a good and strong vocal he delivered.
His song serious was very good and i loved the comedy and chemistry between him and sheridan.

I thought Jill's Ireland and Peters Blood in the water was also very strong and the whole cast were very very strong.

I think if these are the starting points of the show now, then in a few weeks its going to be AMAZING!!!!!

Seriously, you NEED to see this show!

I think Duncan will find his feet and some of the comments about him are very harsh.
I can only say honestly, he and all the cast were GREAT!
Well done and thanks for a great show, even if there were a few technical problems!

#26 Star


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Posted 07 December 2009 - 12:20 AM

Whats the various price of tickets+wheres the best place to sit? (Is it a small or big theatre?). Hoping to go see this real soon. :-)

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 12:21 AM

Whats the various price of tickets+wheres the best place to sit? (Is it a small or big theatre?). Hoping to go see this real soon. :-)

#28 Guest_Bruiser_*

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 12:38 AM

Saw the matinee today and can honestly say it's amazing... the cast are fantastic - Sheridan looks stunning and brings a new element to the character through her own acting and comic timing, whilst I don't get what some people have said about Duncan being weak - he's not the strongest,  but he's far from weak.

Loved the performances from both Peter Davison and Jill Halfpenny and Alex Gaumond fits the role of Emmett perfectly.  Great work also from the entire company, especially during the skipping at the opening of act two, and Amy Lennox is great as Margot.

There were a few minor problems as reported - the Delta Nu exterior refused to fly, though the cast carried on the best they could, until it was obvious it wasn't going anywhere - 5 minutes later following a complete restart and all fine.  One glitch with the courtroom benches and the salon set really needs weighting down more - very wobbly, but apart from that the set actually looks great.

Was sat next to Jerry Mitchell and a couple of associates with their notepads - Jerry gave the greatest laugh when Delta Nu refused to fly!  Seemed pretty happy with everything, especially when nothing went wrong in Whipped into Shape!

Overall a fantastic new show, which following a month of preview will be absolutely incredible by January - go see it!

#29 Guest_Dave Cab_*

Guest_Dave Cab_*
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Posted 07 December 2009 - 10:39 AM

How hot is Aoife Mulholland???

Went to the opening show and she rocked in Whipped Into Shape. Best abs in the industry :-)

#30 Phoebe-again


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Posted 07 December 2009 - 05:39 PM

Glad that the show has been well received, really want to go - will have to try and fit it in next year!

Phoebe biggrin.gif

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