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Equus Saturday Matinee + evening performances

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Posted 20 February 2007 - 06:46 PM

I was at the Saturday matinee and evening performances; I had stage seats Row B in the lower numbers (2 and 3) for matinee and stalls 5th row for evening), and I highly recommend stage seating. You are seated quite high up so try for Row A if you can, but the view and the experience are extremely unique from that perspective. Alan has his back to the audience a lot of the time so when you're in stage seating you can see his facial expressions; the scene where he is worshipping Equus, saying the "begat" lines and whipping himself was more powerful when you could see how intense his expressions were.

The stage set up is bare but striking - very sparse staging, minimal lighting (mostly white halogen spotlights and soft white), black wood to represent the barn, black blocks that the actors move around themselves, with the stunning metal horse mask hanging in the middle. The costuming for the horses was beautiful. The actors playing the horses are very well toned dancers, and the part where Alan rides Nugget to orgasm was physically trying - the actor was on platform hooves made of metal, was wearing a headpiece, and despite having Alan supported by wires, had to deal with running in a gallop for quite a few minutes while the stage was spinning at a very high speed. I don't know how that actor can do that scene without falling!

Richard Griffiths and Jenny Agutter were amazing in their roles, Joanna Christie was solid for being in a such a huge role first time out, though she barely had any stage time. Her stage time was in the most pivotal parts of the play, though, so it was very memorable. Of course, Daniel Radcliffe was very intense and an amazing actor overall; the whole show I felt he was Alan Strang, as he embodied the character very well. And his rendition of the Milky Bar theme was unforgettable.

Of the course, the nude scene had my heart pounding when it started, and Mr. Radcliffe was quite beautiful with his clothes off. I have to say that you can see much more of the nudity from stage seating. That particular scene is very powerful so the shock value of seeing Harry Potter naked on top of a very beautiful blonde goes away quickly; I went from titillation to tears when he began his dance and was blinding the horses - the ending is shocking but staged very, very well.

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Posted 20 February 2007 - 10:16 PM


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