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Help with research - Nudity on stage

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Posted 08 March 2007 - 11:22 AM

(It can certainly improve a bad show... anyone see Blood at the Royal Court? Thank god for Tom Hardy...)

Nudity is an interesting one because it can't be 'acted'. If a character cries, dies, laughs, whatever, it's the character and not the actor doing so and in the audience we understand that and separate the two.

But the second an actor takes his clothes off, he's himself. It's his body - you can't act someone else's body.

Which can throw a show a bit. But I think it can work well and add power, vulnerability, various things

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Posted 08 March 2007 - 11:25 AM

QUOTE(Snout @ Mar 4 2007, 11:28 AM) View Post
Nudity certainly now seems to be more common on the stage than prayer.

Nudity is more common in LIFE than prayer!

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Posted 09 March 2007 - 03:42 PM

QUOTE(Laughingmonsta @ Mar 3 2007, 04:56 PM) View Post
With the revival of Equus in the west end, and the press coverage of Daniel Radcliffe being naked on stage;

1) does nudity have a place on stage?

Yes, of course. It provides essential truth in certain situations.

QUOTE(Laughingmonsta @ Mar 3 2007, 04:56 PM) View Post
2) does nudity in a show make us attend/not attend a show?

To date, I've never attended (or not attended) a show because of nudity. However, the nudity has always been appropriate to the situations. Anything inappropriate to the composition is offensive. For example, I would be offended by gratuitous nudity in a play where is was obviously not warranted, but would not be at all offended by a 'down-and-dirty' sex show, as I would be going along to get my rocks off, and I would probably want to see people nekkid! biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Laughingmonsta @ Mar 3 2007, 04:56 PM) View Post
3) do we as public go to see shows with nudity to be vouyers and see a star naked?

Personally, I don't go to see stars naked. However, it is certainly voyeuristic to see a character naked - but then it's voyeuristic to see a character clothed too. I get such great pleasure from 'looking on' to someone else's life, situation, emotion. The nudity is irrelevant.

More frivolously, I will say that certain actors titillate more than others - clothed or not! It's almost annoyingly distracting! wink.gif To be honest, when I saw Equus (for a topical example), once or twice I found myself marvelling at the majestic physique and highly erotic movement of Will Kemp wub.gif, and he was fully clothed throughout, whereas I could see Daniel Radcliffe nude and it didn't distract from my engagement in the play at all, as although I'm sure the lad has nothing at all to blush about, he just doesn't 'float my boat' in that way.

QUOTE(Laughingmonsta @ Mar 3 2007, 04:56 PM) View Post
4) with more shows using nudity eg blue room, trainspotting, equus etc is this a publicity ploy by producers?

I would say yes, some producers use nudity for publicity. I think most respected producers would (and should) nip anything gratuitous in the bud. It is embarrassing for any serious actor, and cringeworthy for an audience. However, it is highly likely that certain producers will continue to use this cheap device to pull crowds in. Unfortunately I think that there is a certain 'respectable' class of people who look on nudity in theatre and film as a sort of 'poor man's' porn, and they need to get a life and discover peep shows and Playboy, or whatever else gets them off, rather than flocking to see plays they don't care about, or torturing themselves with films they don't understand. Life's too short! rolleyes.gif

Good luck with your research - always a pleasure to talk about nudity!  biggrin.gif

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