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Starting Out In London

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#1 Wolf Beaumont

Wolf Beaumont


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Posted 10 April 2012 - 07:29 AM

Hey everyone,

I took one look at these forums, okay well maybe more than one look, and signed myself up. Hoping this is as good a place as any to say hello and seek basic advice. I'm giving up teaching in Italy at the end of May to move back to London and take up acting professionally. I trained in my youth but nothing beyond high school. I did an NYT production back then and got some high LAMDA qualifications, high school theatre and an extra gig in a major film but that isn't really much but at least it's a start right? I've already started applying for short and student film roles to fill up my CV as soon as possible, thanks to the marvel of video auditions, and I'm looking forward to theatre auditions when I get to London.

So I know I need to get excellent headshots and to join equity. Do you guys have any other good advice that you can share? I'm hoping to catch anything I've overlooked. I've got a good friend who's brother-in-law does a variety of tv and film work as a producer that she's going to introduce me to at her wedding, although I'm not expecting much at least it gets me on the road to networking.

Thanks Guys,


#2 DonnieSmith


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Posted 16 April 2012 - 09:28 AM

I probably shouldn't say this, but Equity's really not something you need to be too worried about in the pursuit of work -- that whole Equity card thing disappeared years ago.  Once you're there it's obviously potentially useful to have their support.In the pursuit of work you need to get onto Spotlight -- which isn't easy if you don't have the right training/agent etc.  To get that, I would suggest getting FoH type work (ie anything that involves lots of out of work actors).  That way you'll be able to keep your ear to the ground for what's casting and try to force an audition personally -- realistically fringe stuff, in the first instance, which should give you a chance to chase an agent (it's hard to do too much without one of those unless you're very, very tenacious -- and even then, it's still hard.

More than anything you just need to get out there, go to everything and talk to people when you get there.  Actors are powerless to stop themselves discussing themselves and the business, so it's not too hard to find out what's casting and who's casting it.  Follow as many people as you can on twitter too -- producers, production assistants and casting directors as well as actors.  Other than that, the right teachers/coaches can help to open doors if you can convince them to take you on -- and they have a fairly unique position, by virtue of their role, in knowing exactly what's going on and where.

Also -- and I don't mean this to sound too negative, but I'm a believer in honesty where I think it would be helpful -- the qualifications/experience that you list above will carry very little weight at all.  I wouldn't mention the extra thing at all -- it's a bit of a known no-no for a lot of the industry to try and pass that sort of thing off as a proper credit.  As I say, I hope that doesn't sound too negative -- just think it's easier to know these things at a time when it's actually useful information.  Having said that, there are loads of people who make a go of it in this business with no experience or training, so there's nothing to stop you (assuming you're good enough -- or look right) making it work.

#3 Guest_Katherine Perry_*

Guest_Katherine Perry_*
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Posted 19 September 2012 - 12:26 AM

How much are the Shakespeare's Globe THeatre RSC and RNT rates in 2012?

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