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The Eleventh Capital at the Royal Court

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Posted 05 March 2007 - 10:39 PM

The Eleventh Capital turned out to be a rather disappointing performance to me. After having read some of the publicity blurbs, I expected a reasonably coherent political drama. Instead I saw a stream of conciousness gaggle of scenes stating that oppression is like, not nice.

The performance had been changed to a promenade performance and I didn't think that standing up watching the back of actors really added to my enjoyment. At some point they put up 'barbed wire' between the stage area and the audience, probably to drive the point about home that this was a play about a totalitarian regime - those regimes are bad, in case anyone didn't know. I assumed fencing us in was the only way for them to captivate the audience.

But the thing that really put me off was the very loud whistle blowing and generic noise during a scene change (again a sledge hammer of subtlety probably swung to make the audience feel as uncomfortable as the poor oppressed people). I'm not deaf and if I wanted to have my eardrums perforated I'd go to a death metal gig.

A woman fainted during the performance, and I was sorely tempted to follow her when she was helped out of the room. I wouldn't have missed out on anything, really.

Some audience members giggled at lines such as : "You're leaning against the wet varnish" and I'm sure that people could enjoy the play for the performance of some of the actors, but to me it was the first BIG dud of 2007. Maybe Alexandra Wood will mature and become a decent writer, but right now I'm not holding my breath.

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Posted 05 March 2007 - 10:59 PM

hehe nice one CP.  Looks like one to avoid.  biggrin.gif

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Posted 06 March 2007 - 08:49 AM

I saw this and didn't think it was that bad. At first, having been told it was a promenade, I was a bit miffed that a few scenes in we got marshalled into a traverse formation when the barbed wire went up so it wasn't a true promenade production, but I then saw that it kind of worked thematically. The performances were good, the dialogue no better than okay. There was a pretty good Q&A after the performance, at which someone asked the writer if it was about Burma. Personally I didn't get a sense of it being about any specific place or situation, just the idea of totalitarianism. I've got no problem with plays being about obvious things - most plays are. The whistle blowing didn't bother me - I was right next to one and it wasn't a problem. But overall, no it didn't set my world on fire but I liked it better than you seemed to. Probably the most memorable thing for me was being struck by how attractive Emily Joyce is. The writer is quite cute too.

As for first big dud of the year - maybe I would think that had I not already seen Keeler at the Gatehouse, and The War Next Door at the Tricycle.
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