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West End Performers Pay Deal.

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 02:42 PM

I recently saw another thread relating to a question about swings payment structure and thought it would be easier to put the facts online for all to see.

These are the outlines of the current west end deal that performers and stage managers work under.

It was posted a while back on Equity's Facebook page so I believe it to be information that was intended to be in the public domain.

Key elements of Equity’s new agreement with the Society of London Theatre

Year 1 of a four year deal – Performer/Assistant Stage Manager

Category A Theatres (1100 seats+) £550 a week minimum
Category B Theatres (800-1099 seats)      £500 a week minimum
Category C Theatres (799 seats and below)    £450 a week minimum   

Year 2 + RPI (inflation)
Year 3 + RPI
Year 4 + RPI

Ø   Theatre size to be established by managers based on seating sold.

Ø   The above rates are for eight performances a week.

Ø   A twice nightly rate would be maintained.


Ø   At time of contract if the manager selects to include Sundays any six working days out of seven can be nominated. (e.g. Monday off or Tuesday or Wednesday etc.)

Ø   If the manager seeks to add Sunday during a run Monday must be the day off

An additional payment of £50 will be added to all salaries for work on Sunday.  It will rise in line with inflation each year.

New Minimum Includes

The new minimum rates of pay will include current payments for:

v   Push and Pull     

v   Flying

v   One non-leading/sub principle understudy responsibility payment

v   Three featured ensemble roles on the following definition:  

A featured ensemble role, which is undertaken by a member of the ensemble, may appear in a number of different scenes but their role is smaller than a leading or non-leading role and may incorporate in such scenes part of a song, a short solo dance section or a few lines of speech.  

New Minimum Rates for Understudy Responsibility/Performance and Swing Payments

Leading    £20 minimum responsibility payment per role
    £20 minimum performance payment per role
Non-leading £13 minimum responsibility per role (second role onwards)
    £13 minimum performance payment per role
Swings          £45 minimum per week (inclusive of all ensemble work)

The current swing staffing ratio would be removed.

Walking Understudy

One leading or two non-leading roles as part of the minimum salary.  Two performance payments included in the minimum.  

Stage Management

DSM    + £50 differential above ASM in category A + B
SM   + £100 differential above ASM in category A + B
DSM    + £60 differential above ASM 1st year only category C
SM    + £110 differential above ASM 1st year only category C


No payment for current uses of EPK and for the extended ‘promotional’ use such as use on mobile digital media, two showings of a ‘making of’ documentary, etc

Ø   Usage for promotional use only on extended basis

Ø   Additional payments for second and subsequent usage and commercial use.

SOLT have removed “game shows”, the word “live” from outdoor events; put a five year limit on use as a commercial and the following for o/s promoting purposes: Should a Manager use EPK footage for subsequent productions worldwide over and above the 4 weeks specified above, the manager will pay the Artists £13.50 per calendar month as long as the said EPK is for worldwide use.  

Various Ceiling Salaries in the Agreement

Ceiling salaries in the agreement will be frozen for four years.

New Illness and Injury Clause
Four week entitlement (32 performances) per year. Incapacity pay would be capped at twice the minimum. For illness or injury in the show the annual entitlement would be full pay (subject to the cap). For any other injury pay would be at 50% of salary. Only four single days of incapacity would be paid at the above rate, after that there would be no pay for single days off but there would be for more than a single day. Any incapacity paid would be paid at the rate of Statutory Sick Pay. There would be pro-rating of entitlement rounded up to the next 13 week period.

Bank Holidays and Additional Performances
To be paid at additional single time rather than 1/8th of salary

Hours of Work
45 for rehearsal week for performers.  Current payment arrangements with ceiling salary of £520 frozen until minimums went past £520 then removed.

40 performance week for performers to include all working time with no restrictions on rehearsal hours up to the 40 (current six hour ceiling lifted).  

42 per week for stage management.

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