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Posted 06 June 2012 - 11:55 PM

First and foremost, greetings from the United States! A personal dream of mine is visiting you guys, so being here is the next best thing.

Anyway, the reason why I'm posting this here...
One thing that I have been talented with is innovation. I know that this is a far different medium from theatre but one thing I have been really good at was photo-manipulations. I would take all of these photos of the most beautiful female models and innovate or in this case "innovate" them to completely new and better creations.

I've always been an actor first and everything else second. I've never had experience in any field of theatre but acting. So naturally the idea to further expand the theatric arts came to mind. The initial idea was a massive theatre festival over here in the U.S. but that was done already. Sadly.

Let's fast forward to a couple years later. This idea for a festival slowly transformed itself into a touring sketch comedy troupe. Yes, of course it has been done before but I realized that if I want to be innovative I would have to expand it even more than what it already is. So over time I have realized that much rather than going with the cliche' sketch comedy based on current events and main stream pop culture I've decided to go with a product more of an independent feel. Material that the common masses would label as 'indie' or 'hipster'. The best example I can think of is the IFC show "Portlandia".

I will not reveal all of my cards to you but the other innovations I've thought of is multiple branches, one in New York, one in Florida, one in California, and even one in Nevada. The multiple branches more than likely wouldn't happen until a long time ago from now. Another idea I've had is taping the shows (which can be held in theatres, cafes, bars, etc) and uploading select pieces in the form of weekly webisodes. The webisodes would also include pretapped sketches and behind the scenes bits and pieces. Not only would it combine theatre with film but also with the addition of behind the scenes material it would incorporate documentary into the wonderful mix of things.

Like I said,I will not reveal everything but there is also the possibility of broadcasting the first act of select shows for only 5 USD on a MAJOR social networking website.

Now that I have given you guys the surface of the idea, so far the project is currently a two man operation. Myself, an actor of 10 years and a musician who was a front man of a couple of bands and who've recently became a solo artist. We are building a Twitter following but yet we remain to be a tad invisible. So this is where this forum comes in.

Not only am I looking for you guys to take apart this project and give creative input (think of it as the Phoenix, break it down and rebuild it a better creation) but I'm also seeking marketing advice. Gotta learn how to quickly and effective increase it's Twitter following and also learn how to properly attract potential sponsors.  

So with all of this being said (hope it all made sense), go ahead, break it down and give input please and thanks!

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