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The Tempest At The Globe

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#31 Alexandra


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Posted 16 May 2013 - 09:58 AM

Well yes. I couldn't remember Miranda having a song though, and that coupled with casting Buckley sounded ominous.

#32 Nicholas


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Posted 17 June 2013 - 01:10 AM

This was lovely.  I appreciate this sounds like damning with faint praise but I’ll be shouting about this for days to come.  I spent about two thirds of this with a ridiculous cheese-eating grin on my face and the other third profoundly moved.  Not a Merlin watcher but Colin Morgan stole the show for me, Trevor Fox almost did, Caliban (didn’t get cast list) felt genuine and his behaviour towards planes, a very small thing, was side-splitting, Jessie Buckley was charming and Roger Allam, well, everyone knows how good he is and as if he was going to play Prospero badly!  Songs, I can’t remember disliking Globe music and it's not going to start here, Morgan has a lovely voice (as do Buckley and Allam, but we knew that).  Puppetry/gimmicks used just right.  Brief flashback to the very tedious marriage scene in Nunn’s version - no tedium here.  So many belly laughs.  Allam and Buckley had a great relationship, Ferdinand is a Shakespearean character I HATE but loved here and what great scenes their shared scenes were.  As a groundling, oh how I loved the ship!  I felt such a deal of empathy and affection to pretty much every character here.  So elated by this, lovely really is the word I’d used to best describe it.  I’m sure incidental details will come back to me (the costumes!  The codpieces!) as I drift off to sleep (the final speech, my favourite in Shakespeare, poetically delivered (best verse-speaking I can recall in a long time)) and will only make me smile more.

P.S. Elisabeth Hopper was rather good in Nunn's version.  Why haven't I seen anything of her since?  If the answer is "You've seen the wrong things" or "You've not been paying attention", it's what I'm expecting.

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