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#237854 Jesus Christ Superstar

Posted DanielWhit on 22 September 2012 - 12:19 AM

To tackle the sound thing first - overall it was far too loud, to the point where no-one near me could actually tell what lyrics were being sung, only that they sounded screechy. Admittedly at the start of the second half it did tame a touch, only for the volume to crank back up soon afterwards.

To me, it felt like Minchin hasn't really got a clue where his Judas is yet, but would be interested to see how reports on him develop over the next few weeks (he's vocally solid and can clearly act the part fairly well). Melanie just resorted to the fall back pop whispy voice, while generally was underpowering (surprising considering out of the principal cast she's the one with the most experience in arenas). Chris Moyles actually came out with some credibility in his performance, then again little acting is required as he just needed to ramp up the radio host and turn up as Jezza Herod.

Ben, well, he's currently out of his depth. Yes, nerves clearly played a part, shown by missing a couple of notes at key moments (though that could have just been the sound system giving a strange quirk). However, acting wise he's just going through the motions at the moment, during Gethsemane I couldn't fathom why his Jesus had gone from "nah, I won't do it" to "oh go on then, if you must" - it just, happened.

All that said, it must be noted tonight was in effect a first preview, it should bed down over the next few performances and things be fine tuned - it was very rough and ready and I personally suspect they had to rush some of Act 2's technical to get it ready in time (it did not look as polished as Act 1).

The band, when they were audible, sounded good. The lighting, as others have said, looked like they had just plonked in a pros arch rig and hoped that would work. The crucifixion, however, stood out as being both unworkable on a pros arch and bizarre in an arena set up - coupled with the fact no camera work was used so no-one beyond the front few rows of seats could see any acting Ben might have been doing resulted in a bit of a "ok, so what?" moment to me up in Level 4.

Cue the production ending on a bit of a flat note, only for the Lord to burst on, declare that he's waited 42 years for this, etc etc etc - I do sometimes think he's got those speeches prepared years in advance as this surely can't be what he was hoping for...

#237849 Jesus Christ Superstar

Posted paplazaroo on 21 September 2012 - 11:32 PM

glad it wasn't just me! Did you have a laugh at the really bad 'believe' posters of Ben in the Obama style? awkward!