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#297629 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted JoeRH on 22 March 2014 - 04:07 PM

Appreciate that you all want to see standbys and understudies but I can assure you Willemijn is well worth the ticket. An honour and a amazing to see her perform, not just some ordinary performer.... Savannah is a joint personal favourite with Emily on the tour as Glinda....

#294758 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted Catqc on 01 March 2014 - 11:06 AM

Saw this last night and was blown away!! Savannah was great - a lovely voice, not quite as funny as I remembered Gina or Louise but maybe she was just having an off night! Willemijn...made me cry - what an incredible voice and a beautiful actress, I am so glad I got a chance to see her. I was impressed with Jeremy Taylor actually - nice to have a Fiyero who could sing after Ben Freeman! ALAYM was the best I'd heard it in years! I'm going to have to restrain myself going back for a while or my funds will dry up ;)

#294215 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted John_Rebus on 25 February 2014 - 08:10 AM

As promised last week, here are my thoughts for Wicked on last Sat Eve.

Willemijn was on fire. Her final bits of Wizard and I gave me goosebumps - as did her whispered “Wicked” in “I’m Wicked through and though” in No Good Deed. Phenomenal.
Star of the evening however was Savannah. I absolutely adore her Glinda and love all the bits she adds here and there; her Popular is always one of my highlights in the show. Also love her chemistry with Willemijn.
Can the two ladies please stop ageing and play their roles until - well - forever?

As for Martyn Ellis, I must say I wasn’t too impressed. He did an overall good job and sang the part well, but rushed through his lines as if he needed to catch an earlier train. I also had the feeling that he sometimes stood a bit helplessly on stage not knowing how/if to interact with the other actors and just watching the show as if he were an audience member.
I can’t understand why Paul Clarkson wasn’t promoted to full time Wizard, as I preferred his take on the role.

The only understudy was Sam Edwards who was an OK Fiyero. I’ve seen better, I’ve seen worse. Seemed also quite arrogant in the first act which kind of suited Fiyero well.

Also: What’s going on with the day seat queue? As it was half term, I arrived at around 6.45am as I assumed it’d be much busier than usual (and was only second in line), but it wasn’t much different to a normal Saturday.

#293944 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted Musicals1248 on 23 February 2014 - 07:15 PM

I had the pleasure of seeing Willemijn for the first time this weekend. She lived up to my expectations and beyond. Her defying gravity felt like any other Elphaba's 'last' (and I've been to quite a few of those). Also loved every single one of her acting choices. Will definitely be seeing her again.

Also really enjoyed Savannah's Glinda and all the little characterisations she does to make it her own. For example her, what I can only describe as, mechanical panting?! before 'toss toss'!!  Really did love her pairing with Willemijn too.

#288666 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted comehearthemusicplay on 07 January 2014 - 12:59 AM

I wouldn't consider myself a HUGE fan of the show, but I saw Willemijn on Saturday for the first time, and I thought she was a phenomenal Elphaba, my favourite I've seen to date. I was honestly surprised that I was even going to enjoy the show, but the whole cast were brilliant!

#287919 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted John_Rebus on 29 December 2013 - 11:02 PM

Spent the afternoon in Oz and really enjoyed it. Was my first time back after the new casts first week and all improved even more since then.

Savannah was as good as I remembered her; really funny, on fire and over-the-top during Popular - hope the producers don't make her tone down as they did with Louise's Glinda. Also very well sung. So must have been an off-night the other day.

There's only one word to describe Willemijn: Amah-zing. She simply is Elphaba. She did also a new and awkward dance routine in DTL, which was really funny.

Sam Kelly was off so Paul Clarkson went on as Wizard. Very well acted and sung, and, even better, he didn't forget one single word. So much better and more enjoyable than Sam Kelly. Can he please take over as full-time WIzard?

Had thus also an u/s for Dillamond, who, unfortunately, didn't even try to call Galinda Cccchhh-linda in the class room scene (is it really that hard?) and went straight for Glinda. Besides that a good performance as Dillamond.

Sue Kelvin was off as well and Other (sic!) played her part - can someone explain to me who that is, as I didn't find that name in the cast list?
Anyway - judging by the cast pics, I think it was Jacqueline Hughes who, strangely, isn't even understudying Morrible (anymore?).

Cast wasn't displayed until the interval; the two screens in the foyers were only showing the German trailer. Hate it when I don't know for sure whom I'm actually seeing.

#286874 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted Sam4God on 15 December 2013 - 05:35 AM

I saw this cast for the second time yesterday afternoon.

I absolutely adored Willemijn as 'Elphie'. I thought she was great the first time I saw her 3 weeks ago, but yesterday something just 'clicked' and I suddenly understood her portrayal of Elphie. Her vocal ability is unarguably incredible and she has a beautiful tone to her voice, but what made me really enjoy her performance was her acting. Very unique. Very likeable. Very real. I am extremely picky with Elphies... Of the 14 Elphabas I've seen live, I've only ever cared about 2 of them. They've all been good, but I've only been able to truly relate to the portrayal of 2. Now I can safely say Willemijn's been added to that list and is in my top 3 Elphabas.

Savannah had the opposite effect on me yesterday. I thought she was really good the first time, but found her performance quite dull yesterday. I'm not sure why, maybe she was just tired. But I thought it was one of the weakest Glinda performances I've ever seen and the audience response seemed to confirm that. She barely got any laughs and she seemed a bit out of breath in what I think is Glinda's 'best moment' - Popular. And whilst Popular is usually the scene that makes an audience warm to Glinda (if they haven't done so before that), yesterday it wasn't received as well as it normally is. I feel awful for saying this, because I really liked her the first time. And apart from the lack of audience laughs and slightly shaky Popular, it was a good performance. I think overall, I definitely prefer Savannah in act 2. Her 'serious' acting is better than her 'comedy' in my opinion and Thank Goodness was one of the best I've seen from any Glinda! I can't fault her at all in act 2. Her Glinda is perfect when she's older.

I'd seen Sam Edwards in Ghost and loved him in it, so it was a nice surprise to see that he was on. Really enjoyed him as 'Fiyero'. It was only his 3rd show and he did look a bit nervous at times, but he has a great stage presence and his acting was very convincing. Great dancing, too! And I loved his voice, though there were some weak moments (possibly due to nerves). He's one of the 'better' Fiyeros I've seen and I would definitely love to see him in the role again.

I think the next time I go will be to see Sophie Linder-Lee as 'Glinda'. I never got to see her few shows last year, but heard good things.

#286114 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted Candela on 07 December 2013 - 06:45 PM

i would have loved Savannah being nominated but i think because she isn't a big name like Carrie/ Wille it doesn't surprise me

#285413 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted Moley on 01 December 2013 - 09:20 PM

Saw the show last night.  Love this cast!!!  For me Willemijn is perfect as Elphaba, I thought she was amazing.  She sings the songs effortlessly and makes them her own in a subtle way...not many riffs but some of her phrasing is different.  Loved her characterisation (a mix of social awkwardness, quirkiness, insecurity and anger) and there's already good chemistry between her and Savannah. Savannah is quite an over the top Galinda, and it worked well in contrast to Willemijn's reserved Elphaba.  She was very funny and got lots of laughs.  Jeremy as Fiyero was good...it was nice having a Fiyero again who could sing, dance and act!  Have good things to say about all the cast, and the ensemble are strong.  I sat with a stupid grin on my face the whole way through the show.

#284655 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted gho on 24 November 2013 - 02:22 AM

Willemijn's dance during DTL is great- the most awkward dance I've seen anyone do.

#284637 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted Sam4God on 23 November 2013 - 07:30 PM

Saw the new cast this afternoon. I'll be honest, based on all the praise I'd heard from people, I had incredibly high expectations which weren't all fully met. BUT, that's probably my own fault for forgetting the fact that sometimes comments are exaggerated about Wicked. I really liked this cast, anyway.
Here are just some of my thoughts:

I adore Savannah's creativity in already making the role her own, although she needs time to decide exactly how she wants to portray her act 1 'Glinda' - thought there was perhaps too much of everything in her 'Popular'. But she definitely has the potential to be incredible and I love her voice! Her 'Thank Goodness' was my favourite of all her songs - I've never seen it so beautifully acted by a 'Glinda' so early on in their run. In general, I think I preferred her act 2 to her act 1.
Willemijn's 'Elphie' is interesting and I haven't figured out how I feel about it, yet. She plays an 'angry from the start' Elphie (which I don't usually like), but she also has an innocent look about her that makes her very likeable. It's probably more fear and reservedness than anger, actually. Voice-wise, she makes it seem effortless. It's nice to watch an Elphie without ever having doubts about her ability to hit certain notes (I hadn't felt so relaxed about a Defying Gravity/No Good Deed since the Kerry Ellis days) and she has a beautiful tone to her voice. I thought her and Savannah were particularly good in 'For Good'. I can't wait to see them again in a few months time once they've had more shows together.
Jeremy is a standard Fiyero. Acted it like I've seen done loads before. But that's not a bad thing. And his voice is amazing, so that's a plus. As others have noted, he definitely plays it more 'Prince-like' rather than the 'Typical lad' character.
The new Madame Morrible is probably going to give someone in the cast or audience a deaf ear/heart attack soon due to her incredibly loud voice! :P She's really great, though! Her acting especially, is fantastic.

Overall, it's a great cast considering it's only their first week.

#284504 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted mystifyre on 21 November 2013 - 08:33 PM

I don't understand why some people take such an immature approach to new castings. I go to the theatre to appreciate other people's interpretation and portrayal of the characters and accept that not every actor is going to be my cup of tea, yet you take the mature approach and just enjoy the overall show. We should all learn how to respect other nationalities and not be quick to judge. The majority of people knew before seeing the show that Willemijn is Dutch so what were they expecting? Her to have an English accent? It's rather silly, to be honest!

I have been hearing only good things about Savannah's performance. I've seen the new photos and she looks stunning as Glinda.

#284217 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted cat123 on 18 November 2013 - 11:27 PM

Wow. What can I say. I never thought I'd be excited about Wicked again but that was incredible. We all knew Willemijn would be fabulous, but Savannah was outstanding! I didn't know what to expect from her but I have never laughed so much in Popular. Perfect. Jeremy really impressed me, acting wise he was very strong, and vocally in act 2 at least he was as good as I know him to be from seeing him as Galileo. Once he gets rid of the nerves he's going to be very good.

A word on the ensemble, who for a first night were very tight. Kudos to Sean & Hannah for getting them in shape!! ;)

So yes. Phenomenal show. Everyone go and see this cast!

#284207 The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

Posted wickedlover on 18 November 2013 - 09:12 PM

Interval -

Willemijn is on fire!!!! Accent is spot on perfect! Best Elphie London has ever had.

Savannah is also perfect, she is a comedy genius.

#277227 Happy Days The Musical

Posted DrP on 06 September 2013 - 09:48 AM

God help us all