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#245668 Sir Ken Of Dunsinane

Posted Duncan on 16 November 2012 - 05:28 PM

Tickets go on sale in January.

So far the venue has only been described as an unspecified deconsecrated church, but I think I've identified which one.

The MIF page for the production ends with an enigmatic credit: "With thanks to John Summers at the Hallé."


Why thank an orchestra? Perhaps thanks are due because the Hallé is letting the production use its new rehearsal base: the deconsecrated church of St Peter's in Ancoats.


Would make a great space for a Macbeth production.

#239438 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted igb on 02 October 2012 - 10:26 PM

Twelfth Night, RSC, tonight.  A big school night, which meant that about half the audience were excited teenagers, many of them young men with hipster glasses.

Not a phone, not a noise, not a disturbance: just quick, appropriate laughter and massive applause.  They had a great evening, and were a credit to their schools.  I hope they'll be back:  the RSC needs their youth.

Meanwhile, around me, the RSC elderly contingent were their usual boorish selves.  The bloke behind me said "here comes a good bit" before, well, the good bits, and then followed each scene with a judgement as to whether it was up to the standards of other TNs he'd seen.  A group to my side cooed over each entrance and excitedly told each other what was happening on stage.  And a group to the other side "whispered" (being deaf, this was what most of us would call "shouted") plot points to each other.  One of them was loudly complaining about the place being full of "children" --- next time, dearie, why don't you shut up, look around you, and behave as well as those "children", not like the noisy, ignorant sods you were sat with.