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In Topic: Sunset Boulevard Doc

16 April 2014 - 08:13 AM

I saw Faith Brown- an awful, cheap production.  A shadow of what the show should be and she was a grotesque gargoyle with an inadequate voice.

For me, Elaine P was the best Norma by miles.

In Topic: Billy Elliot Uk Tour Announcement Imminent?

02 April 2014 - 06:44 PM

Billy Elliot is still my favourite British musical- ever.

In Topic: X Factor The Musical To The Palladium

23 March 2014 - 11:32 PM

The press shots are some of the worst I've ever seen.  Poorly framed, hideous lighting, repetitive and unoriginal.  The marketing on this show has been utter crap!

In Topic: X Factor The Musical To The Palladium

02 March 2014 - 11:47 PM

I have doubts that the show will be able to preview until some fairly major structural work is completed.

Apparently the set is so heavy that it is causing the stage to bow, and as a result the automation won't work because set pieces keep moving from their original marks as the stage floor dips.

All reports suggest the show itself is funny, but not Book of Mormon funny.

In Topic: Stephen Ward - The Musical

08 December 2013 - 06:24 AM

View PostTitan, on 08 December 2013 - 05:33 AM, said:

Thing is Sondheim can have showa sounding similar and no one cares because its cool to like Sondheim.  But ALW gets flack

Oh please!  If someone's critical response is different from your own it must be because they just want to be cool?  How simplistic.

The problem with ALW is he makes such bombastic claims in his attempt to sell a show that he puts himself front and centre in the firing line.  You don't hear Sondheim- or Wildhorn, Jason Robert Brown or Michael John LaChiusa for that matter- proclaiming this or that to be their greatest score, or this person to be the greatest leading lady, or this or that to be the last show with decent songs.  They have a little more grace, tact and sense.  So he sets himself up to be knocked down- and worse still, the mediocrity of his recent work gives critics plenty of ammunition.

Sadly, this topic seemed ripe for drama, and the "cool" setting would be ideal for another score of 'JCS' or 'Evita', quality, but it appears ALW hasn't got one of those left in him.