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New Saturday Night Fever Tour?

03 April 2014 - 08:02 AM

Currently on sale for Manc, Liverpool & Glasgow....anyone know anything about this? Sounded like it might be an actor/musician affair from the blurb!

West Side Story - International Tour

29 January 2014 - 11:22 PM

Well, this rolled into the Hippodrome last night and I went along tonight with my sweaty £45 second row ticket and can of orange lucozade in hand ready to adore every last second. How often do you get a proper curtain these days? I was so excited that that gorgeous swathe of red velvet was covering the stage rather than some projection...I thought the overture might be performed over the curtain, but no, things got cracking straight away.

What followed was an hour and fifteen minutes of the most electrifying theatre I have ever witnessed. Dancing & choreography so sharp & exciting I don't think I breathed. The only negative was Louis Maskell's underwhelming Tony, but he didn't really distract until later....

ah yes...later.

If ever a show didn't need an interval to punctuate what had been built up before it's WSS. I'd been grumbled at by the old chap next to me who swore that Tony's lips didn't match what was coming out and he must be miming...this was while he bounced around making the whole row shake...and from then on it had gone. All the best songs had been sung, I knew what was going to happen and somehow the ball was dropped. All the majestic overlaps (I'm sure they have a musical name) just turned into noise, everyone cried a bit, it ended.  

That aside, I would gladly pay another £45 for those sublime 75 minutes again. Do go & see it but ask if they can scrap the interval.....

'Lion King' Madness!!!

28 January 2014 - 04:31 PM

'The Lion King' went on sale today for Cardiff WMC, and as with Bristol at the beginning of the tour the whole of the WMC website & phone lines are either totally inoperable or constantly engaged. I just wanted to get a couple of cheapies for me & my youngest son who wasn't born when we took my kids some years ago, but this level of demand shows a) how popular it, and therefore musical theatre, (given the right lowest common denominator/family friendly pedigree) can be....and B) there's no accounting for taste.

That moan aside, this is 2014. I thought we had this internet thing sorted but still sites crash when an event of this popularity goes on sale. Do they know and do it for publicity? Maybe I'll try at stupid'o' clock tomorrow morning when I awake from my restless sleep.