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25 April 2013 - 12:54 AM

View Postconnorclarke2007, on 22 September 2011 - 10:17 AM, said:

Ah I see. I only commented on those you mentioned. My favourite was the wonderful Martin Smith. I remember being blown away by how sensitive his performance was and vocally spot on the times I saw it ( despite hearing he was "let go" due to vocal inconsistency).

Not too sure but I think that the phrase "young and sexy" phantom came from ALW or Cameron in an interview about Ramin being the youngest in the UK to play it and how he's redifined the role for future casting. I might be going mad though!
IMO give me a slightly older, more solid man as the Phantom any day - more believable given the things hes supposed to have achieved in his years - architect, musician, and definitely more sadder to watch as Christine goes for the "pretty boy"! I like Ramin, but I often wonder how LND might have progressed with older actors as the leads who visibly looked ten years older and wiser. Would be interesting.

Interesting about Martin Smith as the vocally spot on part completely rivals most reports on his performance in the role. He was actually very commonly out from the role, with Dave Willetts, Peter Karrie and James Paterson frequently alternating as understudies, its very possible you caught one of them in the role, most likely Dave, do correct me if I'm wrong though. It was after Martin took several weeks rest from the role and returned to the same vocal troubles that they had (or so I was told) a mutual agreement that it was best he pull out from the show. And yes, he did have the illness that would eventually kill him at this time, he actually asked Cameron Mackintosh if he could play the Phantom, kind of like a dying wish. Sadly he just wasn't vocally right for the role.