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#288094 The Light Princess

Posted Ruperto on 31 December 2013 - 03:10 PM

I'm definitely on the 'love it' side of the divide after seeing this last night, and would agree with others who say that people should take the plunge!

I generally avoid musicals like the plague (I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with my kids just before Xmas and thought it was godawful, and don't get me started on West Side Story at Sadlers Wells) but nabbed £12 front stalls tickets for this for me and the family because of the people involved. We (me, my wife and two girls aged 14 and 12) all came out raving (OK, it's possible my kids were humouring me, but they really seemed to love it).

I loved the songs and can't understand why they've been slated by so many people. And the 'flying' effects and puppetry were wondrous, IMO. Rosalie Craig was simply fantastic - I'm so glad she's picked up an award. I'm slightly cross with myself for being too cowardly to give her a standing ovation, which she fully deserved (there were a few standers).

I don't tend to well up etc at the theatre very often - maybe I'm just a grumpy old git - but I found this really moving. I didn't expect that.

It was a full and enthusiastic house last night, and it seems a bit of a shame to me if this ends its run in a few weeks' time and we never hear anything more of it...

#271521 The Pride (Trafalgar)

Posted Ruperto on 05 July 2013 - 04:06 PM

I totally agree with Parsley that they are taking the p*** with a) the pricing of this, and B) the potential unavailability of the lead actress for nearly a month. It's a play I'm quite keen to see, and I enjoyed The Faith Machine at the Royal Court, but the date I had in mind falls during the period when Hayley Atwell may or may not be there...

Also, I would have thought that in terms of the economics of the thing - ie ticket sales - it would have been much better to do a Grandage and open up the booking yonks in advance, so they get in the cash from people like me nice and early. I'm sure I'm not the only one on here who's already got quite a lot booked up for late summer and autumn, and my diary - and bank balance - may struggle to accommodate this. Making an announcement in early July about something that opens in early August, just when loads of people are going on holiday, seems really weird to me - are they on some kind of commercial deathwish??! You could probably get away with it if it was a play starring Jude Law/Cumberbatch etc. Anyway, good luck to 'em. (I'm sure I'll still end up going...)

#260808 Longing (Hampstead)

Posted Ruperto on 03 April 2013 - 07:38 AM

I saw this last night and really enjoyed it - beautifully observed and affectionately done, with even the minor characters well-drawn. Tamsin Greig was perfect casting as the doctor who's long held a candle for Iain Glen's visiting lawyer. Technically a marvel too - God knows how much that amazing set cost. I wonder what will happen to the summerhouse when it finishes? - would be great if it could go on loan to theatre companies putting on Chekhovs!

Very different seating/stage layout from the last time I went - steeply raked seating, so good views, and a slightly 'thrust' stage, like a much smaller Olivier...

#260041 The Living Room

Posted Ruperto on 26 March 2013 - 03:43 PM

I haven't seen this mentioned much on here, but I went last night and loved it. It's by far the best use of the weeny Jermyn Street space that I've seen, with a fantastic set and brilliant sound design (a phone ringing in the bowels of the 'house,' ticking clocks etc).

I didn't know much about the play before I went, and was a bit concerned it might be very talky and creaky, but it was neither - compelling from the off, tense and creepy. After the tedium of Peter and Alice a few days ago, this was just the tonic I needed! Lots of stuff about sex, sin and Catholic guilt.

It's set entirely in the poky living room of a rambling old house, occupied by two batty old aunts and a wheelchair-bound priest played by Christopher Timothy from All Creatures...

Tuppence Middleton - who played the lead in the Beeb's The Lady Vanishes remake a week or so ago - was very good indeed. In fact they were all good. A total bargain for the £15 I paid for it, and well worth trying to get a ticket for if there's any availability.

#249970 James Mcavoy - Macbeth At Trafalgar Studios

Posted Ruperto on 24 December 2012 - 03:43 PM

Looks like quite a few extra tickets have gone on sale - annoyingly, including row A (which deffo wasn't on offer when I booked as soon as they went on sale) and row B (ditto I think) for all nights. However, a good chunk of them are premium seats.

It looks like one or two extra performances may have been added too - at least one night in March has loads of tickets, including plenty of the 'cheap' seats at the back...

#249810 Highlights/ Lowlights Of 2012.

Posted Ruperto on 22 December 2012 - 03:34 PM

I've been following this discussion board for ages and think it's fab, so I thought I should come out from the wings and say hello, and also share my 10 personal highlights of 2012 (in no particular order).

* Big and Small (Barbican) - this seemed to be a real Marmite one, but was the play I enjoyed most this year. For me, Cate Blanchett's performance in this goes down with Mark Rylance in Jerusalem as the best I've ever seen on stage.

* Collaborators (Cottesloe) - great writing, really fun and full-blooded staging, and SRB was fab

* The Changeling (Young Vic Maria) - managed to nab one of the wheelchairs to sit in. Loads of fun, and Jessica Raine very swoonsome...

* Love Love Love (Royal Court) - Absolutely loved everything about this. Victoria Hamilton peerless

* The Physicists (Donmar Warehouse) - A weird one, this, but full of images I can't shake out of my head - John Heffernan's sun cream freak-out, the sons in lederhosen, Sophie Thompson's hunchback...

* Three Sisters (Young Vic) - Was really moved by this, and loved the staging - the rendition of Smells like Teen Spirit, the spinning top etc. Loved them all but Mariah Gale a wonder, Danny Kirrane amazing...

* All That Fall (Jermyn Street) - Was exhilarating to be this close to Michael Gambon and Eileen Atkins at the top of their games

* The Last of the Haussmans (Lyttelton) - Underrated, I thought - all cast great, I laughed loads, stunning set

* The Promise (Trafalgar Studios 2) - a really sweet little three-hander. Romanic and moving. I love this tiny little space!

* After Miss Julie (Young Vic Maria) - Intimate, powerful, three brilliant performances

Others I saw this year were Richard II (Donmar), One Man, Two Guvnors, Sex With a Stranger and the Leisure Society (both Trafalgar Studios 2), The Duchess of Malfi (Old Vic), Antigone and Timon of Athens (Olivier), Children's Children and King Lear (Almeida), The Curious Incident... and The Effect (Cottesloe), Mademoiselle Julie (Barbican), Scenes from an Execution (Lyttelton), Hero (Royal Court Upstairs). One left to see before the end of the year: Hansel and Gretel with my two kids...