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#292162 Henry V

Posted xy_whitefaerie on 09 February 2014 - 01:09 AM

I find your review far more interesting than the production. Glad that I didn't have to queue to see it, so thank you for the ticket Mrs Lovett!

And since I've got nothing informative/interesting to add, I shall just give a review for 'An Evening with Mrs Lovett'. It was definitely the highlight of the evening (though the 'Marvellous' from the man in Dress Circle was a close second') ! Charming young man. Would definitely recommend to others. 5 stars and worth more of the Ferrero Rocher!

#258955 A Tailor Made Man - Arts Theatre

Posted xy_whitefaerie on 19 March 2013 - 12:51 AM

Agreed, absolutely loved it. Everyone was so sincere in their performances: Dylan Turner had tears in his eyes in some of the scenes. I found Bradley Clarkson especially endearing as Jimmy and Faye Tozer was brilliantly funny in her scenes. Really loved the songs- very memorable tunes that I'm humming them now, and I thought they brought out the emotions of the scenes very well. The choreography was a spectacle to watch even though the set was simple. Romanticised true story, yes, but I don't mind as the story was very touching. I am glad that I didn't research much about the real-life story, as it made the ending just that much more poignant.

theatrically, thanks for posting the promo code!

P/S: I do have a little complaint regarding the seats though. Thought they were uncomfortable... Nonetheless, it was negligible considering how much I enjoyed the musical. Highly recommend everyone to watch it!