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Miranda Sings Live!

06 September 2013 - 02:00 AM

Anyone else going along to the London shows? I'm a big Mirfanda, so I'm pretty excited for this.

For anyone who isn't familiar with Miranda, she's a character created by Colleen Ballinger on YouTube. You can view Colleen's channel here and Miradna's here.

She's actually fantastic! Even if you haven't heard of her, I imagine you'd all enjoy the show. Genuinely funny. Any other Mirfandas here?!

Mishaps You've Seen

18 July 2013 - 12:54 PM

Stealing this from another forum, but I actually found it to be an interesting read, so thought I'd make it here too.

Here are a few I've seen:

Phantom of the Opera, Essen: During the final lair, when the Phantom picks up the candle to burn through the lasso there is a slight spark. When Thomas Borchert picked up the candle the candle went off pretty close to his face when he was lifting it up. He jumped a little and pushed the candle away from him, but actually, he did extremely well considering - I probably would of had a heart attack on stage.

Wicked, B'way: We had the u/s Elphaba and they didn't change the safety belt for her, so in Defying Gravity, she just came out and pretended to cast a spell on everyone and everyone just froze, paralyzed. Thought it actually worked pretty well.

La Cage aux Folles, Playhouse: I can't remember song names or characters, but during a song in which John Barrowman and his partner (Albin and Georges, I believe?) were dancing together, both actors begin laughing hysterically on stage. Like, seriously hysterically.

So, what have you seen? :D

Stage Door - Musical Radio Station

19 June 2013 - 10:32 AM

Looks like we have another radio station coming to musical fans. Stage Door.


Ramin Karimloo, Kerry Ellis, Mark Evans, Louise Dearman, Oliver Thompsett, Louise Bowden, Hadley Fraser and Alex Gaumond are all confirmed to have shows on the new station :) The station is hoping to launch in November. They've began and Indiegogo campaign to help raise the funds: http://www.indiegogo...ects/stage-door

Musicals You Would Love To See Come To The West End?

31 May 2013 - 11:35 AM

So, I was just listening through my iTunes and came across some musicals which I love that have yet to have their English debut (and perhaps some of them never will!).

What musicals would you love to see come to the West End one day?

Number one for me is ELISABETH. I am ever so slightly obsessed with Elisabeth and I'm visiting Vienna this year just to see it (and hopefully catch the standby der Tod, Oliver Arno!). I'm not entirely sure it would work in the UK though. I mean, if you read what the musical is actually about, you're probably going to be left thinking "What the hell?" bu the music is just beautiful.

I'd also love to see THE ADDAMS FAMILY come to the West End - although surely the UK must be its next destination? It's currently having a very successful run in Australia. I guess the UK won't see it until there is a definitive version though - the current Australian version is version 5 and every production staged thus far has been significantly different than the version that made it to Broadway (with the story even being heavily altered).

Wildhorn's Dracula - After its Broadway flop a few years back, a significantly improved version debuted in Graz in 2007, starring Thomas Borchert in the title role (who I'm slighty in love with also xD!). I adore it. There have been several amateur productions in the UK, but no professional. Although Wildhorn doesn't seem to like bringing his musicals to the UK.. Actually, I love a lot of Wildhorn's stuff, such as The Count of Monte Cristo and Rudolf - The Last Kiss but I'm not holding my breath for us to get any of these any time soon either...

And Rebecca - I guess after the recent scandal with the Broadway production, we probably won't see an English-language debut in a while and if we do, it will more than likely flop... I think the scandal has irreparably tarnished the reputation of the musical. There was a lot of talk of it debuting in London a few years back in the Shaftesbury theatre, but then it was suddenly announced it would debut on Broadway instead...

So, fire away! What would you love to see come to the UK?