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#255522 A Chorus Line

Posted JennLaFleur on 21 February 2013 - 01:55 AM

I thought the show was fantastic! Really loved it. The dancing seriously blew me away, I could have watched it all day! There were funny moments, some hold-your-breath moments, and the progression from not really knowing who any of the people were, to feeling like you know them and willing them to make the cut is extraordinary - you don't even realise it until Zach announces he's going to pick the successful auditionees! Speaking of Zach, I loved Johnny Partridge as him - led the main dances with incredible grace and power, and went from relentless, commanding director to caring, vulnerable human with ease. Leigh Zimmerman was great as Sheila, and got the most laughs! And Scarlett Strallen's solo dance is mesmerising. To be honest I couldn't pick any person out particularly for their dancing, I thought they were all equally brilliant. I enjoyed all the monologues too, in particular Mike's, Kristine's, Diane's and Paul's. I thought the use of the mirror was really cool - such a simple feature but was so effective in giving the audience the dancer's perspective - or even a look into their imaginations as they imagine dancing in front of an audience. Thought it was really clever! And the closing number is a great finisher. The cast got a standing ovation and extended round of applause, much deserved!

I can't recommend the show enough. Well worth the ticket, and the flight!