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In Topic: James Mcavoy - Macbeth At Trafalgar Studios

29 April 2013 - 01:42 AM

Saw the play twice two weeks ago - I had one ticket and dayseated for another one. It was more than worth the long wait in the cold. I loved the staging, loved the intensity. I don't understand some criticisms about it being "shouty". I guess that Lloyd's intention was to show a world in which the survivors of whatever cataclysmic event that must have happened were already deranged, a dog eat dog situation. They were all tense, mad, barking at each other because there weren't really any more "niceties" left in the world.

Anyway, James McAvoy was superb. He was so believable commanding in the beginning, and so harrowingly descending into madness until his suicide stance at the end. Brilliant. I'm really gutted he didn't win the Olivier today. His was the best performance I've seen in theatre in a long, long time.