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Today, 02:58 PM

Just why?

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Today, 10:15 AM

Enjoyed MusicalTalk review.

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Today, 09:43 AM

Yes, have become a huge fan recently of fringe venues (never used to go at all) because of the intimacy. It can be thrilling to see actors working close up.

Like Viserys above, I have felt in the past that buying a cheap seat "in the gods" a complete waste of money as I have never enjoyed it and would simply rather not go, save the money and put it towards a better seat even if less often.

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Today, 08:20 AM

Interesting as the play is not a "sell out". It just goes to show about the power of NOT discounting ticket prices and how that affects the gross.

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Today, 08:17 AM

It is interesting what musicalmadness has to say about the view from his seat. I have never enjoyed a show from the back of an auditorium or from anything higher than the dress circle as I always feel disconnected with the show and it is even worse with a play. So I never sit there anymore as my view of the show (perhaps excellent) is always biased simply because of the view and the disconnect.