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04 November 2013 - 07:41 PM


Thanks for the info, am looking forward to this

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04 November 2013 - 07:31 PM

 wickedgrin, on 03 November 2013 - 05:29 PM, said:

I really do not understand why theatres do this - surely it is discrimination? If there are two single seat bookings in a row that negates the issue anyway surely. But although the online booking sites do not allow single seat booking I am amazed how many odd seats are left if you look at the plans for random evenings!

But of course the problem is more not going alone but wanting to book two tickets out of a possible three seats and the system not allowing you to leave a single seat. This is easily got round though if you are desperate enough to book by this stage, by opening 2 browser windows on the same site reserving one seat in one window and then before the time allocated runs out book the two remaining seats which you want in the other window and letting the single ticket expire! An absolute pain but it's your money you are spending and you are the customer - the theatre should be thankful for the business. Few shows are sell outs that they can happily turn business away.
Thank you for pointing this out, I have never thought of that (feeling really daft now as that's quite a simple way around it),  will do that next time!!

In Topic: Single Seat Scandal - Going Alone Shouldn't Be A No-Go!

03 November 2013 - 09:47 AM

Hi, I agree with you, whilst most of the time I go as a pair, there has been an odd instance where I have gone alone and found the same issue.

Also the not leaving tickets alone has gone against me even when buying more then one.  For instance most commonly where there are three seats left it will not allow me to buy just the two of them.  This has haddened a lot of times so have had to sit further back.

Also most annoyingly not long ago I needed to book 4 tickets for a show , the only ones on the day we wanted to go had 5 seats together in several rows from the stage.  However the system would not let me book,and neither could the telephony agent. So we ended up booking cheaper seats further back in the auditorium.  However imagine my frustration when those 5 seats on the 4th row were empty!

Not only did we get worse tickets than we could've had, ( the the view was still good so didn't ruin our enjoyment) the theatre themselves lost out as if I recall there was around 10 -15 pre seat price difference, so for not selling us those 4 tickets they lost 40-60.

Also I don't know if it has changed but at one point the Alexandra theatre birmingham online booking would not allow you to leave not just 1 seat alone, but if it left 3 it wouldn't allow the booking either, which is daft,

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02 May 2013 - 05:57 AM

View PostTitan, on 02 May 2013 - 05:03 AM, said:

Im the opposite, im seeing more locally than i am in london these days as the production quality of some touring shows now is west end standard so i save money and see it locally. Even though london is only just over an hour away, the cost is increasing on the trains and i could pay for another show at the cost of a train ticket. I dont mind the big shows charging the fifty pounf mark if the production is west end standard but do object to premium. Luckily my venue isnt atg and hasnt started premium yet. Will be interesting to.see what happens with lion king and wicked to see if they start the trend.

As for the alex, friends in birmingham have just said the quality of productions there have been poor. I dont see how long runners at the hippadrome could be a bad thing as the alex in theory could pick up all the shows that thr hippadrome cant take due to a long run. Plus it will offer people variety
  that's true.  The alex offerings lately are fairly week, a lot of one nighters, comedians etc, which do have their place but surely block the times for the other shows coming around.  I was looking the other day and there is so many one nighters there its ridiculous- everything from abba tributes, the chuckle brothers, derren brown, tommy cooper triubute, the carpenters tribute, pscyhics and burlesque shows are on therr way here over the next few months .  I am the opposite with travel costs, for instance I regularly go to London get return tickets for the train for under £20 return ( I can sometimes get as low as £10 return - book exactly 12 weeks ahead with virgin is usually cheaper, get a theatre ticket for £30-£40 or less (wether by a discount code, TKTS booth, Donmar Warehouse) have a nice day out, a mean and a matinee Saturday ticket for less than I would spend booking a Saturday night or matinee in Birmingham at the hippodrome.  I have friends membership for the hipp and whilst offers some value, can no longer use for Friday/Saturday eve  shows etc so can only use in the week.

In Topic: New Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham.

01 May 2013 - 08:45 PM

It could be that, plus one thing that has started at the hippodrome for the last few years is longer resident shows coming in for example this year lion king is here for over two months in the summer (29 june to 28 September) next year wicked is there for two months as well, (9 july to 6 September) and has been happening for some years now, so where as many shows tour around for a couple of weeks at most at venues surely having show)s there for a couple months at a time (and not to mention panto season which runs from mid December all the way to beginning of February there) doesn't help. I live in Birmingham and used to see shows at the hippodrome or alex every month or so, but sad to say I have actually seen more shows in London on day trips over the past few years as either one show is on so long or I don't fancy it.  and don't get me started on ticket prices as would love to know how the hip can justify the costs.  for instance if I was to book a seat for Saturday evening on 29 june would cost me £60 for as far back as row T (the back row of the stalls!  how cant that be justifiable when I managed to see the show a few years back in London on a Saturday evening for not even half the price!