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#268253 West End Men (Vaudeville Theatre)

Posted St Anne on 09 June 2013 - 08:17 PM

I find some of the comments on here pretty rude. To describe performers of the calibre of David Thaxton and Glenn Carter as "out of work and desperate" is offensive and unnecessary; as far as I know (and it has been widely reported) David Thaxton chose not to go back into another long-running show in order to concentrate on working with his band. I would imagine that he is doing "West End Men" because it is such a short run and he can fit it in around his other commitments.  I have to say that the format of this show doesn't really appeal to me and I have therefore chosen not to see it, but I don't see any reason to sneer at the performers in it.

#268299 West End Men (Vaudeville Theatre)

Posted freckles on 10 June 2013 - 07:36 AM

Totally agree with the last two posts, this show does what it says on the tin & is actually a lot less cheesy that I anticipated. Yes, I admit I had a pre-conceived idea of what to expect, as obviously do most of the critics & a lot of the audience (especially those who haven't seen it!)

But I was impressed & had a great evening. It is difficult to market a show like this & expectations seem low, but I do think it deserves credit & had it been a one-off charity 'gala' performance, it would have received a lot of praise. The West End is full of that type of one off show which are far more justifiably seen as profile raising affairs for the individuals involved!

The criticisms have been disproportionately disingenuous, IMHO. And it hasn't sold well which is a great shame, but at least means I can pick up a bargain seat.

There will be a new man tonight too; Glenn Carter will be replaced by Stephen Rahman-Hughes so expecting some variation.

#268288 West End Men (Vaudeville Theatre)

Posted Carmella1 on 10 June 2013 - 02:17 AM

Having seen the show twice I have to say the criticism I have read from reviewers and some on here who have not even seen the show is very unwarranted.  It seems Press Night critics went to the show with their minds made up that they were not going to like the show.  More or less saying this is the West End why bring a show to about the West End to it.  Its not a book show so they knew what to expect. Its an eclectic mix of musical numbers.  Yet they were fully prepared to dislike it.  The voices and harmonies are wonderful.  Criticizing Lee Mead for his voice saying he could not reach the notes in the nasty way they did was nothing but lazy reporting. He has sung those notes for a very long time and they knew it.  People knew he was ill from before the opening.  He was "soldiering on".  He would be criticized  either way, why didn't he try or how could he miss the opening.  Since the opening he has only sung one solo song and that only later in the week. Prior to that David Thaxton sang it.  And they have announced each night that he is suffering with laryngitis which they did not do on Press Night but was obviously evident.    That said David Thaxton, Glenn Carter and Matt Willis are in fine form vocally so why not enjoy the show for what it is and if you do not like the format do not go.  If you go in prepared to dislike it and write disparagingly about it,  all I can say is you are a poor journalist.