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For My Media Studies Assignment I Am Asking: Do We Like Having So Much Access To Our Id...

25 July 2013 - 11:13 PM

we see them on twitter, we see them on instagram, we read their blogs. and we watch their vlogs. is it too much? are we allowing ourselves too much access to our idols?

recently i've been disheartened by the behaviour of a few of them, some showing a huge disdain for the casting of kerry katona as marilyn monroe, not only in their opinion of her being cast but also being directly offensive towards her on twitter.
I've seen another take lewd photos of a girls bottom in short shorts at a bus stop and post it on his twitter page to 20,000 followers, with his ex les mis cast mates all joining in the sexually discriminating banter too.
I've seen a recent young actor in War Horse, also display racist puns on his Twitter page this evening, and not to mention the general bitterness and tension the industry has obviously put on all actors too.

Wouldn't the West End be a lot "nicer" if we all just knew the actors as actors, appreciated them on the stage, wondered on the mysteries of them off the stage and preserved the "magic" a bit more?
or is knowing that they're real, flawed human beings in life actually a positive thing?

What is your favourite type of tweeter? one who lets you in to their personal life? or one that keeps professional and promotes their shows?

Why Are Certain Performers "names", And Others Are Not? What Makes A Name?

07 July 2013 - 07:36 PM

i've noticed more and more recently that names such as caroline keiff, julie atherton, david hunter, nathan amzi, rachel wooding... all seem to be used in shows/concerts. they seem to be crowd pullers and are known as westend royalty, the most talented.

why do we never see artists who have actually performed in more than one westend show and who are actually incredible vocalists perform at these concerts?

is it to do with social networking/accessibility?

or is it due to them actually being the best?

what west end veterans do you feel go by the wayside?

Menier: Colour Purple

29 April 2013 - 04:25 PM

This looks like a juicy wonderful show and cast coming into town this summer. so far we know we've got Cynthia Erivo (sister act) in the role of Celie.
any other casting news!?