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#282763 Rock Of Ages To Close & Move!

Posted John_Rebus on 03 November 2013 - 08:50 AM

On my way to the airport and I still can't believe RoA closed for good last night. I always enjoyed and liked RoA, but especially in this year, it really grew close to my heart. Let's hope it will tour in the near future - so that I'd also get to visit a couple of UK towns I haven't been to before.

Really enjoyed yesterday's shows. Matinee was insane and total fun - even though I expected even more ad-libs to be honest; e.g. some from the 1st CC, why isn't anyone telling Dennis to screw the writer after he's been told he was dead, why doesn't Ross grab the programme in the programme scene and says something funny about Simon (e.g. you been Trekkie Monster, don't even need a hand puppet for that).
Not sure if I remember all ad-libs...

Last show was really sad and great altogether. Loved the atmosphere in the audience.
- nice to see how many of us in the audience still had their RoA lighters
- Natalie lost her voice twice in Heaven/More than Words, where the audience gladly helped her out
- special kudos to Rohan Tickell. He must have had an accident as he still had problems to walk and needed a cane, but he nevertheless played the last two shows
- in the programme scene, Simon said he didn't know what (fake) show to choose for the last show, so he sang an improvised song on the melody of "My Way" - basically that Ross was in High School Musical, Mamma Mia and so on but luckily not in WWRY
- Natalie, Jodie and Ross were close to tears at the end
- standing ovations during Here I Go Again, Don't Stop Believin', the improvisation (above) and also for the band before Can't Fight This Feeling
- at the end, all the cast, joined by former cast members and backstage staff were on stage, and Simon gave a short speech thanking management, creative team and so on, said how much all of the cast loved the show and how much the show and especially the line "sometimes the dreams you come in with aren't always the dreams you leave with, but hey - they still rock" means to him personally

Lastly: Can we please get a "Simon Lipkin does funny things on stage" show? Pretty please?

#261213 Rock Of Ages To Close & Move!

Posted thatgirlsophie on 07 April 2013 - 09:08 PM

View PostMS1995, on 07 April 2013 - 08:59 PM, said:

Might have been at the interval when he went off so they didn't have to stop the show?

As the person posted at interval, and commented on Tim's performance, I'd assume it happened partway through Act 1 so he would have had to do a quick change