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#298273 A Streetcar Named Desire

Posted DrP on 27 March 2014 - 11:27 AM

A tweet: 'A Young Vic record has been smashed for # of tickets sold in a single day! For those who didn't get #Streetcar tix: we will have day seats!'

It amazes me they are being so self congratulatory rather than apologetic about this. They are clearly oblivious to the frustration they've caused and still haven't resolved many people's booking issues.

#296073 Donmar Membership Scheme

Posted Lynette on 10 March 2014 - 05:44 PM

Yes, it is certainly clobber the theatre lover season.

#296053 Donmar Membership Scheme

Posted Lynette on 10 March 2014 - 03:59 PM

HG I appreciate your analysis but don't buy it.

Funnily enough I was only thinking on Saturday night round about the middle of Act One of Versailles that perhaps I could place my dosh better than with the Donmar. I am one of the few who was not impressed with Coliolanus ( God help us if he wins the Olivier award with that performance) and Versailles is awful. Of course I want benefits for the donation. Altruistic as I am and give generously to charity as I do, the deal when you give extra to a theatre generally is that you get priority booking, maybe a programme , maybe a special room away from the hoi polloi for your drinkies (as at the National) and those invitations to dinners, events and so on you can't go to because they are all at a silly time like 6pm......but the only one of which I DO want is priority booking for the best seats. I can do well without any of the rest. The  Donmar has taken away this benefit from me as I now book in advance but don't get the best seats even if I phone on the very first day of my priority status, so what is the point of me continuing to give them extra money? You say, to support the Donmar. But I have to share out my pennies and maybe other places need them more and offer me better shows and better seats. The logic is muddled I admit because more money might mean better shows but there you are...

#260222 Olivier Nominations

Posted Honoured Guest on 28 March 2013 - 11:09 AM

The nub is that SoLT is gradually stepping up their manipulation of these awards to favour the productions they want to promote. They no longer honour what a critical panel decides is the "best". The SoLT awards are now similar to the WoS awards. Both are of interest in reflecting what certain interested parties wish to publicise but neither is an honest assessment of quality. It's a shame that the SoLT awards are degenerating into crassness just as they regain their former media prominence but the two changes are probably closely related. The SoLT awards can only get mass media coverage by honouring what is already most familiar to consumers of the mass media. Unfortunately, the award winners now know their awards are devalued. The "Olivier" awards are now the "Salt" awards, to be forgotten on the next day's chip paper.