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In Topic: X Factor The Musical To The Palladium

16 April 2014 - 12:36 PM

Had problems in posting this for 10 days, but here goes.  My friend got free tickets through Talk Radio during previews and invited me.  We had God-awful seats, Row E Upper Circle.  We walked out disliking it – too bonkers, slap-stick nonsense.  My friend heartily disliked the stereotypes referred throughout – no spoilers but if you’ve seen it you know what I’m talking about.

I cursed myself for my foolishness in already having bought a front row £20 seat.  Went back and enjoyed it. It moved along at a better pace, I could appreciate the music and performances so much more without the distraction of the visual gags on second viewing.  And the visual gags were funnier somehow than I remembered.  And as bonkers as it is, I do like that dog!

It’s still not for me, though, but I do applaud a brave new British musical. I love Simon Bailey and Scott Garnham, saw the terrific <title of show> last year and feel they are both so much better than this.  Simon Bailey has a good part in Liam O’Deary, but it’s still an impersonation, and not the great talent I saw in A Little Night Music at Guildford last year.

The majority of the audience were having a funtime from what I saw.  Lots of empty seats on the side aisles in the stalls.  I would have said hello to musicalmadness, sat 2 seats away from me on the night I went, but he was with a friend and nattering to a pal in the orchestra pit in the interval ....

One comment overheard as I left - "I could have told you from the start what the problem was, it's written by Harry Hill".

In Topic: Jeeves & Wooster

02 November 2013 - 02:24 AM

I like "steveatplays" post, pretty much sums up my feelings about it, and Viserys - I laughed , not as much as those around me, but it certainly wasn't the stinker I anticipated after reading a couple of the reviews above.  Audience around me were having a great giggle - young lad next to me, probably late teens, woman in front I would guess at mid-70's.  

I can see the comparison with "The Play That Goes Wrong", which, at just over an hour or so and at £15, was a superb bit of entertainment.  But I felt this worked, I love Wodehouse and there are some plummy lines.  "House Full" board was up at the front.

In Topic: Rickson Mulling Mojo Revival

01 November 2013 - 01:49 PM

I've decided I'll try and sell on my two Row C stalls tickets for Monday 11.11.13, in case anyone here is interested.  I really don't feel the inclination to see this again.

In Topic: From Here To Eternity, Shaftesbury Theatre

31 October 2013 - 05:51 PM

My Barking in Essex seat was worse - WOS offer for 17.10.13 - Dress Circle Row G Seat 21.  For £44.50.  It's made me question if I want to continue my membership, but having Tim Rice onstage last night, and the exceptional Sound of Music signing after the show in the Summer, and the lovely <title of show> - Hmmmm!   I don't mind when I'd like to see the show with a discount that the seats aren't the greatest, but Barking in Essex I was really quite peeved.

In Topic: From Here To Eternity, Shaftesbury Theatre

31 October 2013 - 02:00 PM

What in the name of whatsits is going on with my font?  
So, again, I enjoyed the WOS outing to see this last night.   I'd like to listen to the songs again, 30 Year Man was striking.  Good dance numbers, from the ladies, and the fight scenes.  Really liked the boxing ring.  Ensemble numbers I thought were very well performed.   Large cast calling for large curtain call from a not hugely enthusiastic audience from where I was.

The four principals, director and Tim Rice came to the post show Q&A which was great.  Cast CD by Christmas, said TR.

Didn’t like my dress circle row K seat – too far from the action, would have liked to have seen facial expressions, which may be why I wasn’t feeling an emotional connection to the actors.  Odd thing – couple to the right of me sat down, man complained loudly about how tight the seating was (sigh, lost my rights to armrest, I was practically rocking like a boat when he exhaled).  Before the show started they started discussing between themselves shows they’ve been to and left at the interval.  And at the internal they left.  Couple to the left of me arrived just seconds before curtain up, she huffed and puffed through the first act and they disappeared at the interval.  I’m sat on my own in the middle of 5 seats.

I am pure smitten kitten over Darius (maybe more cougar than kitten, but whatever).