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#284223 From Here To Eternity, Shaftesbury Theatre

Posted theaterfan14 on 19 November 2013 - 01:17 AM

I saw the show again this evening, turned up at 6.45pm and got 3 day seats front row 13,14,15 dead centre. This was my second viewing and it was absolutely brilliant. I really love the music and performances, the upper circle was closed and the stalls were half full, but i put this down to being a Monday evening just before the christmas period. I really hope this picks up a following because it definitely deserves it.

#255993 A Chorus Line

Posted theaterfan14 on 24 February 2013 - 09:04 PM

To jump on the 'no show has ever made me feel this way' bandwagon, its just incredible that a show can have this affect on people, i just knew the moment the show finished i probably won't have a connection to show like i have with this one again. The power of theatre eh ;) I'm just glad i have this from the beginning of the run, show i generally like i see near the end of the run and really regret it. The Palladium may well be a home from home for me. :)

#255847 A Chorus Line

Posted theaterfan14 on 23 February 2013 - 05:27 PM

Second time seeing it last night, got to the box office at about 2.30 and asked about day seats and they had sold out but sold me 2 side view row I 1 and 2 in the stalls for the same price. The only bit of restriction you get is when the company fill out to the back of the stage you loose a good 3rd of them, but because most of the show is played on the line they are brilliant seats and you get to see the feet of the performers. I had previously sat in row B 16 of the stalls with day seats and think overall being closer is better for a second time viewing, you really should see all of the stage first time.

I loved the show again, VHB was stunning during "What I Did For Love" and she actually cried at the end, very emotional and Scarlet i am still in 2 minds about, She is amazing from Music and the Mirror onwards but any solo line previously she is not that great at. Her Cassie is excellent and her acting is spot on but sometimes her voice is not powerful enough and sounds like she is screeching. This show is excellent and it is fast becoming one that i am going to become obsessed with (first time ever). This cast are just superb, a couple of vocal issues last night, but i just put that down to tiredness, after previews and press night ect.

Side note: How about not telling the audience there is no interval? If they think there is one coming soon, maybe then they can resist the urge to go to the toilet every 5 mins during the show, incredibly distracting. Also something bizarre happened to me last night, sat in my seat before it started and the lady next to me turns and says, 'I haven't P****D myself it's diet coke' as she tries to air her dress out!