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How To Succeed - The Lowry This August

30 July 2013 - 01:22 PM

So i know quite a few of you on here are from the North West so i just wanted to give you the heads up about this production happening at the Lowry and urge you to buy tickets.

It's produced by The Company, a national youth musical theatre company aged between 13 and 23. I reviewed their production of Parade back in 2010 and it's one of only a couple of times i have given a 5 star review to a show, it blew me away. Ghost/Loserville star Stewart Clarke played Leo (in my review i predicted he would have a huge future) and the caliber of all the cast around him was just as high. Honestly i found their production to be one of the greatest things i have ever seen in my life (and Ive seen a few hundred shows).

This is new talent at it's best and they put so much in to the productions that you could be forgiven in thinking it's a West End touring show (i found Parade to better than all touring shows i saw that year). I have not see their production of Succeed as it's not opened yet but going off past performances and response to other shows like Parade i expect it to be another knock out.

They are only running for 3 nights at the Lowry (in one of the larger theatres) and again i urge you to see it, this company needs to be seen and supported, what they do is brilliant, plus the show itself is brilliant as we know.

You can book tickets here, please do, i am going on the last night if anybody else is and wants to say hi


my review for their production of Parade back in 2010