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In Topic: X Factor The Musical To The Palladium

06 September 2013 - 08:30 PM

View PostTitan, on 04 September 2013 - 11:35 AM, said:

Digital Spy have put up some of the 'best' lyrics.  Some are clever and funny, but some are awful


Oops, I was quite amused by them all. I can only compare it to Viva Forever so it won't take much to be a success in my eyes - simply be a little bit better than awful. Even though I really hate X Factor sometimes, I've watched every episode for 10 years so I will be wanting to see this. I still can't believe it's going into the Palladium.

In Topic: Ghost On Tour 2013 Thread

06 September 2013 - 08:25 PM

Does Rebecca have any scheduled holiday dates coming up?

I'm really impressed with this tour but I am gutted that the final illusion where Sam disappears wasn't feasible - even sitting front row more than once I could barely see/understand how it was done. To be sat a few feet away and have someone disappear right before your eyes is incredible.

I saw the tour early on in Wimbledon and when Oda/Sam is dancing with Molly, they hadn't quite got the timing right of the swap compared to London - hopefully they're a little slicker with that. As above, Oda Mae just seems to disappear, I always find that amazing. My brain is telling me that she is just stood on a dark part of the stage somewhere, but my heart tells me she's really gone and turned into Sam!!!

I really love this show, for everything that it is - and don't expect it to be anything that it's not. There are plenty of other shows if you don't like this one.

In Topic: The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

06 September 2013 - 08:20 PM

View PostTR252, on 05 September 2013 - 05:34 PM, said:

Question - does Glinda ever song the last 'wickeds' in the finale? I thought she did but now I'm being told most Glinda's don't.

I'm thinking that they don't - would assume that's deliberate as Glinda is presumably sad about how everything turned out/possibly trying to compose herself before her bubble speech to the masses (circling back to NOMTW), as opposed to where we see NOMTW at the start of the show where we assume that she really is happy that the WoTW is dead.

In Topic: The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

05 September 2013 - 02:17 PM

I always crack up when they're late for OSD. Also when the Elphaba (Kerry Ellis was guilty of this) starts unbuttoning the white jacket as they're running off stage. She was late for OSD, she was singing before we could see her - I'd forgotten that. Chloe once came on with her dress undone at the back! That was special.

Where was everyone else - how come she was doing 2 shows?

'Misplaced' always says that when Harriet Thorpe, just before A Sentimental Man, alludes to the Wizard being a very *generous* man, she's the only Morrible that makes that sound truly dirty. And now I can never not think that.

In Topic: The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

05 September 2013 - 12:05 PM

Completed my annual visit to the AV last night. Was attempting to see Louise for completist reasons, but I saw Michelle instead. Considering the performance I saw from the last understudy-to-standby Elphie I saw (naming no names, circa 2009-2010), I was pleasantly surprised. A very competent performance, by any standard. She held her own during all the big songs, and although she seemed a little shaky both in dialogue and vocals in her first scene and TWAI, I never doubted that she could pull it off. I hate it when you know you're seeing an understudy and you worry they're going to balls it up (as has happened previously) - not so with Michelle. It's good to know that Wicked has some quality understudies now who can easily cover if there is a mass sick-out.

Having said that, the performance/portrayal wasn't particularly memorable, and aside from a pleasantly surprising ending to NGD (easily her best/most confident song), I wouldn't be rushing back just to see her. Unlike some other understudies who I prefer to the leads (Amy Webb, Ghost; Nikki Davis-Jones, Wicked). But this is probably to be expected from someone second in line to the (green) throne.

I still adore Gina, since I first saw her in POTO. Since I last saw Wicked a year ago, Gina seems to have honed Dianne Pilkington exponentially more and from my distant seat in the circle - and especially with Harriet Thorpe on, hello 2009 - I could have easily assumed it was Dianne back for one night only. This is by no means a bad thing, Dianne's Glinda is hilarious, and Gina has a lovely voice, but it was amusing to note.

The low point was without a doubt Ben Freeman. I hope he is the last in a line of poor, untalented, D-list soap star stunt casts that we'll see in this role. I know nobody will ever compare to Oli for vocals and in his defence, Ben had a strong enough voice and could hold a tune, but he swallowed every single line of dialogue. Everything was said into the ground, nothing was projected, and I couldn't tell a single word he said. He had chosen to adopt a bizarre attempt at a posh-boy (I think?!) accent, which is fair enough, although poorly executed - but he spoke at such a mumbling rate that I could feel the audience were losing what he was saying. One of his lines in the lion cub scene that always gets a laugh fell completely flat. I didn't care for his chemistry - or lack thereof - with either Gina or Michelle, and it made me almost wish Lewis (Bradley) was on the stage instead... bless his little blond cotton socks.

The front of the circle was very empty - surprised me. The back half seemed pretty full. Couldn't see the stalls from where I was. But I was glad to move forward into one of the empty seats at the interval and enjoyed the insane dramatics of Act 2 very much. Everyone was on one during Wicked Witch of the East - I usually see Nessa overacting that to the extreme, but I loved KRJ, having never seen her before. Everyone else seemed to be meeting the overacting quota instead - as my partner in crime for the evening said: this is the most dramatic WWotE scene ever!

Harriet Thorpe was my star for the evening. She is my most-seen Morrible and it really was a blast from the past to have her back. Looking forward to a spot of NDJ on the tour and I'll certainly be catching Willemijn a few months into the run. I like to give the new cast chance to settle in...