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#298035 X Factor The Musical To The Palladium

Posted MrBarnaby on 25 March 2014 - 10:37 PM

So I've slept on it... Not wanting to rush in and slate it, but my god, what a hot mess of a show.

This show actually had workshops? Someone read the script? Anyone laughed during rehearsals?

I love a silly show but this is witless , lowest common denominator theatre. The 'plot' is so paper thin it's an insult. Even daft shows can engage the brain, not this one.
Cynthia Erivo has star quality all over her but you can tell by the way she rushes all of her (appalling) dialogue that she's just embarrassed. The highlight of the show (not much competition) is her delivery of the title number, just sensational.

Nigel Harman bears no resemblance to Cowell at all and is a laughter free zone. The girl playing Jordy was good value (despite hideous costumes) but poor Simon Lipkin. I suggest he fires his agent asap.

Also there's the small fact that at no point does it ever even faintly resemble the X Factor ... Why not?

And why is everyone going on about how spectacular it is? Have I missed something? It looked fine, but nothing special and it hugely relied on projections. Yawn.

The alien ending perfectly wrapped up a horrible folly of a show that will soon be forgotten. You could tell the whole audience was bored as there was tumbleweed blowing across the stage where laughs should be. There's nothing like the sound of a half empty theatre not laughing.

I suspect the Palladium owners will be  looking for a replacement show pretty swiftly.