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Jersey Boys To Have A Uk Tour..... Thoughts

29 January 2014 - 11:11 AM

According to @ShentonStage this is set to start on September 4th @ Manchesters Palace & Opera house, such a definate date.... sounds like this had been in the pipeline for a while, wonder what the casting will be like, especially with its London cast to move to the Picadilly soon......

Jersey Boys: The Movie

06 November 2013 - 07:40 AM

(apologies if there is another thread, but I cant find one)

What are peoples thoughts on this?  Rumours are the release date is 20th June 2014 (& Erich Bergen (Gaudio) seems to be quoting this as fact), they filmed it pretty quickly, really hope they've dont it justice.

I am thrilled with the casting, mostly, its just a shame that Eastwood didnt seem to look to the UK cast, past & present, as we have some fabulous talent here.  But hes made his choices.....

John Lloyd Young as Frankie..... controversial, not who I would have cast, if you've read Ryan Molloy's interview on here, hes none too pleased either, though a lot of people I have spoken to, who arent the die-hard Ryan fans, just think he has a humongous bag of sour grapes.
I wouldnt have cast Ryan either, I would have chosen either Dominic Scaglione Jr (current BWay Frankie) or Jye Frasca (former London Joey & u/s Frankie), they both look the part & their talent on the stage & vocally, is just stunning, of the 12 actors I have seen portray Valli, they are my favourites.
The casting of a performer to play Anthony Castelluccio I find bizarre, possibly because Frankie's father is never mentioned in the show & it was his mother, Donna Maria (Mary) Castelluccio, who was the influence & support of Frankies career, if they're going to make Valli's family bigger for the film, then where are Bobby & Alex (brothers).

Also, why is Barry Belson played by a white actor, every production I have seen, the Barry has been black (brown / coloured), unless it has been an understudy.


Memphis Coming Over From Broadway?

06 June 2013 - 07:17 PM

WestEndProducer has just tweeted that Memphis is being brought over from Broadway, if this is for real, I am beyond excited, was probably the top show I saw out there last year.  Anyone have the scoop?