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#298671 Stephen Ward - The Musical

Posted Jim on 29 March 2014 - 08:25 PM

It's interesting that most people are defining ALW's failure on the lack of huge Box office success; yet when he had one blockbuster, collassal financial hit after another:  Evita, Cats, Starlight, Phantom  there were many theatre snobs who claimed that didn't define success.

All of those back and forths about a man's career - especially someone involved in the arts is BS to me.  Aspects of Love has always been and probably will always be one of my favorite scores ever.  Know the entire thing backwards and forwards- note the changes to the score's evolution from when it opened to when it played on Broadway to some of it's revivals...  That's because to me the score is amazing.  Not everone liked that, obviously.  It was nowhere near the moster hit Phantom was (since Phantom in its original productions are both playing in NY and London)  Does that make it a failure?  Sad if in your narrow financial perspective you say "yes"

Stephen Ward seemed to be a creative gamble.  And as I've said at least a few times in the discussion on this, it seems it was a passion for ALW to see a miscarriage of justice brought to light.  Perhaps creatively it didn't work out, but bravo for his motivations.  Considering the producers of some of the juke box musicals simply are looking for "entertainment" as their goal  -- which is fine, there's nothing wrong with just an entertaining night out -- I kind of like when someone who can write beautiful scores like ALW takes  a risk to do something a little bit out there.  And hope that he doesn't ever let that early amazing success limit his pursuits in the future