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The Future West End - what would you like to see?

23 January 2014 - 02:04 PM

Wasn't sure if there was a topic like this previously but thought I'd start one up anyways.
What musicals would people like to see coming to the West End? with who as the cast?
Or, is there any changes people would like to see in the West End? Possibly a long-running show closing to make way for a new show or a show changing theatre etc? Maybe a certain actor or actress coming back to the stage?
Personally, I'd love to see Wonderland (Frank Wildhorn's version) in London but on a much smaller scale. Honestly, although the lyrics are hit and miss, the score is fantastic in my opinion and with some re-tooling of the book it could make a great show.
I'm hoping that Pippin someday will make its way back to London (I could see it perfectly residing in the Savoy)