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Rapture, Blister, Burn - Hampstead Theatre

17 January 2014 - 11:49 AM

I was at the first preview of this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was also a slightly unique experience in that due to technical difficulties with the set revolve they hadn't been able to do a dress rehearsal so Edward Hall came on at the beginning and explained this would effectively be the dress rehearsal as everyone was keen to give us a performance. We were also warned that the set may cause issues and that they may at some pooint have to stop briefly whilst any issues were dealt with.

With us all fully informed and rooting for the cast the show went on. The set did cause one stop, during which the cast on stage bantered nicely with the audience, which was quite fun and it was soon back to the play.

I thought this play was very good indeed. It's incredibly sharp and witty, with some fantastic dialogue and I found the story very interesting. The set is lovely and I'm sure once it's working without a problem it will be even better. The cast are also all very very good. I particularly liked Shannon Tarbet who plays the young student Avery. She has the best lines and really shone. Emilia Fox was also great and of course, Adam James was brilliant as usual.

It's definitely worth a trip to Swiss Cottage if you are able to go. I'll do a review once I've been back after previews.