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#236544 Jesus Christ Superstar

Posted Seriously on 10 September 2012 - 10:02 PM

Quite a bizarre few minutes on Jonathan Ross.  I suppose there's very little you can vocally do with those 3 characters together, so we had a relatively boring song, chopped about, and some "Soul Sisters" singing the end lines.

When Tim sings a non-comedy song, you're left focussing on his tone, which is, well.... "unique".  It's rather nasal, quite pinched, and I'm not sure how long I could listen to it without it becoming too distracting.  He and Mel have evidently been working hard at the Yvie Burnett school of top note belting.  Unfortunately it sounds like this is all they're really been looking at for weeks.... so there's a completely different sound when we get to anything "belty"... and all of a sudden all the characterisation goes out the window as they just focus on mechanically producing those crowd pleasing money notes.  And because they haven't done much on the easier sections, the verses sound a little indefinite.  

Having all three standing there facing each other didn't help either... there was no real acting... no eye contact... it just looked like one of ABBA was missing and they were each singing their lines on their own.  The casual viewer would probably have thought Tim was Jesus!

Mel did what she always does.  Short bursts of breathiness which only serve to chop up the line... sacrificing the acting for the sake of producing a nice tone (as she believes it).  Any time she has to hold a note on her break she defaults to pop mode and glisses the note down in an attempt to hide the different sound.  

Ben sounded good... but now all the other Jesus' have departed, he really doesn't look the part physically.  He has a good voice, but he's too Carmen Ghia for my liking.... there's not enough physical stature... and there seems nothing spiritual or "Godly" about him (based on this performance alone though).

When you revive a musical like this, everyone is hoping that the very best of this generation of performers is now given the chance to show what they can do with it.  Unfortunately ALW has his accountants hat on here, thinking "Who will people pay to come and see.... regardless of what show it is?".  Chris Moyles, is he really the best man for the job... I'd even prefer Christopher Biggins to that (and I never thought I'd say that).  Tim Minchin, a lovely funny chap, hyper talented, but really he should be revamping the book and lyrics, not tackling one of the hardest vocal parts in musical theatre.