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In Topic: Avenue Q Returns To London!

Today, 08:37 PM

Saw the cast perform It Sucks To Be Me & If You Were Gay at the Olivier's (Covent Garden Piazza) on Sunday. Whilst I enjoyed it as I am a huge lover of Avenue Q, it has lost a bit of something for me. There was something about seeing 'downgraded' versions of the puppets and not the ones we got to know and love from the W.E production that made it lose some spark. It also occurred to me how much one loved seeing the actors (Julie Atherton, Simon Lipkin, Jon Robyns and Daniel Boys are just some names that popped out at me thinking back to my various trips!) as well as the puppets, and whilst Avenue Q is not about who is in it and it's great that a load of 'unknown' names are being used for the tour, it also felt a bit weird. There was also some sub-par puppetry (specifically the synchronization of the movement of the puppets mouth and what was being said/sung) that made it lose some more magic. Usually Avenue Q would be the show that goes down the best with the audience in these outdoor musical theatre events (huge laughs, singing along, big cheers), but it definitely didn't feel like it this time.

However, having said all that - it's great that the tour is selling so well and I'm sure it will be hugely enjoyable. At least I hope it comes across that way.

In Topic: The Oliviers - The Results

Yesterday, 11:46 PM

I was also a bit surprised to see Zrinka win the award, however I saw Once again tonight (well, Tuesday to be a pedant) and having seen both The Light Princess & Once twice now, and therefore having seen both Rosalie and Zrinka twice in their respective roles, I completely, wholeheartedly agree with Zrinka's win. I think without her Once would lose a lot. The same could be said for Rosalie and TLP, but I can only echo what others have said that her time will definitely come!

In Topic: The Ongoing Wicked Discussion Thread

14 April 2014 - 01:21 PM

I recorded this yesterday the the Oliviers in Covent Garden. You can't see her very clearly but the audio is good and my goodness she was AMAZING. https://www.facebook...553718913101361

In Topic: Oliviers @ CGP End Time?

12 April 2014 - 03:34 PM

Firstly, welcome to the board!

Secondly, the Covent Garden Piazza event is scheduled to start at 5pm, with the screening of the awards themselves starting at 6.30pm, therefore all actual live performances on the Piazza stage itself should be over by then. However, last year they presented the BBC Radio 2 Audience Award live from the Piazza stage halfway through the ceremony, followed by a performance from the winner - though I've no idea whether the same will happen this year!

Hope that helps :)

In Topic: Andrew Lippa

11 April 2014 - 03:14 PM

The Wild Party is one of my favourite musical theatre scores of all time. If you give it a listen, make sure you're on the Lippa version and *not* the Michael John LaChiusa version starring Mandy Patinkin. They both opened in 2000 (Lippa off-Broadway, LaChiusa on Broadway).