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#292764 Rent Tour?

Posted Southstreet on 13 February 2014 - 12:08 PM

Not too fussed about Rory’s looks, think Roger can look many different ways, but even though he sang it well enough, his performance was completely devoid of any emotion when I saw it last year in Hackney and then end of the year in Wimbledon.

My biggest gripe with the production is the sound in general, it just didn’t have any oooompf, for want of a better word. It didn’t feel rock-ey at all, sounded like someone was playing rock music on their cheap keyboard in their living room. I also felt that in both legs of the tour (which I know is marketed as Rent in CONCERT), the lines between concert performance and actual acting performance were quite blurred, with the staging being pretty much complete (there isn’t much for Rent anyway) and some people acting the role fully, whereas others seemed to take more of a concert approach, just hitting their blocking when needed. But maybe the ones I thought were doing that were trying to act it full out and are just bad actors. With Rory I think that might well have been the case.

It’s a shame, I love Rent and was bitterly disappointed with that production when I went to Hackney last year, the only reason I went to see the other leg of the tour in Wimbledon is because I managed to get a reduced price ticket and wanted to see Rachel John as Mimi.

#247197 Merrily We Roll Along @ Menier & Pinter

Posted Southstreet on 30 November 2012 - 12:40 PM

Went to the Press Night on Wednesday and it came down at 10.40pm with an 8pm start, so yes, it's pretty accurate. Loved the show, btw. :-)

#244173 The Bodyguard

Posted Southstreet on 07 November 2012 - 01:06 PM

I went yesterday and had a brilliant time watching a film I swooned over as a young teen (actually I don’t think I was an actual teen yet when it came out) on stage, with fab performers singing Whitney songs I love.

The cast is great, I love Heather Headley, so having her in the West End is amazing, Debbie Kurup was great as well and the guy playing the stalker is one hell of a sexy psychopath. :-) It took me some time to warm to Farmer, but I did like him by the end, plus the fact he is very easy on the eye helped a lot. (Yes, I am that shallow!)
The Fletcher we had was great, I am not big on kids on stage but he didn’t annoy me, which means he must have been decent.
The rest of the cast was good as well, but other than enjoying watching Holly James dance, I have to say I was very pre-occupied watching Heather (she is one of those people that could sing the phone book to me and I’d be happy, love the tone of her voice) and Debbie, those two definitely stood out for me.

It is quite a technical show (as the director was reminding us several times before the show started :-) ), the sets are beautiful to look at and I want that huge “Gingerbread” house they have in the second act, it’s amazing!!! :-)

It was a first preview, so I guess the scene and set transitions that were still pretty clunky yesterday, will all get tightened and smoothed out in the next few weeks. I don’t think the book flowed that well either, but again, hopefully that will get tightened up. The one thing that really needs work IMO is the whole end of the Oscars sequence, it just felt rushed and didn’t really work, being pretty anti-climatic in my opinion.
They made some changes to the story line, Nicki’s part has been extended and the two baddies got combined into one, but essentially the story hasn't changed.

So my overall verdict, I had a brilliant time, walked out of the theatre smiling and humming the songs and will definitely be back. But then I have a soft spot for the film and love Whitney Houston.
Would I not know the film or be a huge Whitney fan and just judge it as a stand-alone piece of musical theatre, it’s probably not that great. But I guess that is the case with most jukebox musicals/film to stage adaptations.

#19813 Full Cast List For La Cage Aux Folles?

Posted Southstreet on 05 November 2007 - 02:08 PM

Just wondered if there is a full cast list for La Cage Aux Folles at the Menier yet?