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#295075 Into The Woods

Posted xanderl on 04 March 2014 - 01:13 PM

Premium seats for an amateur show?? The world has gone mad!

#294539 Urinetown

Posted mrkringas on 27 February 2014 - 01:56 PM

Re Simon Paisley Day - if you go in expecting John Cullum you will be disappointed. He has his own take on the role that fits in with the director's concept. I can't quite place it but I felt there was something quite English and/or late 19th century capitalist in his portrayal.

This is most definitely its own production distinct from the original staging. It makes it far more interesting. Don't expect Little Sally and Officer Lockstock to be iconic copies.

Jenna Russell is hilarious as Miss Pennywise. Strong voice and so many nice little choices that cracked me up. Likewise a lot of appreciation of Richard Fleeshman - he plays the straight and earnest hero very well.

For all its subversion of musical form and meta commentary this is like the Book of Mormon, a love letter to musical comedy.

There were at least two full out show stoppers that I'm sure people can connect the dots to a pair of Golden Age musicals. One did a good job of stopping the show cold last night.

All round delightful ensemble too that made me want to see it again and have no hesitation at recommending to friends.

I kinda expect some people to complain that Jamie Lloyd is ratched up the darkness/violence. Personally I think its well judged comedy with performances quite carefully honed.