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#290919 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted Andromeda Dench on 28 January 2014 - 11:08 PM

View Postcraftymiss, on 04 January 2014 - 09:03 PM, said:

Ive had 2 collapses behind me at the theatre. Once during My Fair Lady a man behind me collapsed & the paramedics were called; I think it was the fact Martine McCucheon was on and the shock was too much for him.  The other was at Phantom 25th at RAH. There was a kerfuffle behind before the performance had started and much to my now shame I complained to my husband about the noise coming from the row behind. It was only when I turned around that I saw paramedics attending to a woman who had collapsed. All very dramatic

That made me chuckle.
I've been told by an old English teacher of mine that when she saw Phantom in London, soon after it had opened, a woman fainted when the chandelier crashed and some other people started sobbing with excitement.

#290877 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted theatremonkey.com on 28 January 2014 - 06:06 PM

Well done, BE team indeed!

"The Weir,” last weekend. A passionate theatre fan probably got up an hour before sparrow-fart, to stand on a freezing pavement from sparrow-fart until the box office opened.

Then was so keen they took the only tickets available – standing room – knowing and not minding they’d have to stand for 1 hour 45 minutes to see the play, just so long as they could see it...

...So why did they then proceed to check their phone FOUR times during the performance???!!!

#290827 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted Adrianics on 28 January 2014 - 02:14 PM

Billy Eilliot last night, a man took a bright flash photo of the opening number with a DLSR camera to much negative reaction from those around him. He then complained and argued when an usher confiscated the camera.

#290718 Coriolanus

Posted nan00se on 27 January 2014 - 02:58 PM

CraftyMistress  It is just possible I might have one for  the matinee on Feb 6th but will not know until Feb 2nd.

#290581 Rickson Mulling Mojo Revival

Posted Nicholas on 26 January 2014 - 01:18 AM

View PostPharaoh, on 25 January 2014 - 08:37 PM, said:

Rickson was sat in front of me at the last night of Protest Song, starring "that man from the National".

Your story, Latecomer, reminds me of when I was at Arturo Ui and sat next to me was Dame Eileen Atkins. We had the most wonderful conversation during the interval, discussing Brecht, new writing and theatre criticism. I felt very lucky!

NO!  Wow!  Bloody hell!  Out of curiosity, how did the conversation come up?  Did you turn to her and go “Blimey, you’re only bloody Dame Eileen Atkins, wow!” and she go “Yes, thank you” (or words to that extent) and from that conversation arose, or was it like Latecomer where you just started chatting and then the penny dropped?  I think the pair of you have just told the most envy-inducing anecdotes I’ve heard in a long long time.

#290573 Stephen Ward - The Musical

Posted Reich on 26 January 2014 - 12:02 AM

View PostShowstopper, on 25 January 2014 - 10:50 PM, said:

with marti whats his face...

Marti Webb singing Take that look off your face ...

#289317 Stephen Ward - The Musical

Posted Jim on 13 January 2014 - 02:07 AM

Love it... Just posted on Youtube, if ALW ever does a revival of Sunset Blvd, I think he's found his Norma in Joanna Riding.  What an actress and what a beautiful voice

#288542 Candide At The Menier Chocolate Factory - Christmas 2013

Posted Carlos on 05 January 2014 - 08:52 PM

Another production I really enjoyed. I think I’ve been very lucky to manage to see three great musical productions in less than one year (the other two being Merrily We Roll Along and American Psycho). When the overture started, I was a bit dismayed: I absurdly expected the grandiose explosion of a full-blown orchestra in a space like the Menier, but a couple of minutes into the show I was completely won over by the downsized production. What I saw was a troupe of players creating sheer magic on a diminutive stage out of practically nothing. And what looked like minimal effects had a maximum effect on me. I was completely charmed by an impeccable ensemble narrating the curious journey – or rather Odissey - of the main character and his friends from Europe to the New World and back. Candide is an epic rather than conventional drama (which may lead people to wonder if the story has any point) and even though it deals with philosophical and religious issues of its time, it has a special meaning today, in our highly commercialised world, with its promises of happiness, which tries to pass this as the best of all possible worlds. And in the end, after a greedy, crazy search everywhere, Candide’s friends find what they were looking for in simplicity. I just loved the way the incredibly witty lyrics matched perfectly Voltaire’s original prose, in the same way that My Fair Lady matched Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion. The cast is absolutely flawless, not a single weak link, making the most of the characters and their songs. My understanding is that Candide, like Merrily (and to a lesser extent Colour Purple), had problems in its previous versions. It seems to me that the Menier team managed to work yet another small miracle. For me, it just worked wonderfully. I can’t really see, though, how this could be transferred to a larger theatre without losing its magnificent intimate spell.

#288490 Stephen Ward - The Musical

Posted Jay78uk on 05 January 2014 - 10:04 AM

It's a shame many posters are doing a post mortem on this show which has barely been open a fortnight. Given its clearly (and intentional) niche appeal I am not sure comparing its potential longevity versus previous ALW musicals is helpful or relevant. Good on him for tackling unusual subject matter, taking an angle and trying something different.

I agree this piece has some flaws and an uneven score, but I keep going back to the stunning songs- a great theme in human sacrifice, a gorgeous trio of songs in the when you get to know me/ you're so very clever to have found this/ this side of the sky, and the heart breaking 'I'm hopeless when it comes to you'.

I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

#288442 Stephen Ward - The Musical

Posted KevinUK on 04 January 2014 - 07:31 PM

Finally got around to listening to the cast recording and loved it - there's some beautiful music in there. It must be so frustrating for ALW sometimes - he can compose the best music in the world, but if the lyrics don't resonate, or the book isn't appealing, if the actors aren't good, or if the sets aren't right, or if the director convinces you to follow their vision... his work (which is where it all starts) gets lost behind all of the criticism and negative labels that in actual fact have nothing to do with his own creative contribution.

#288230 Famous People You've Seen In The Audience

Posted Lynette on 02 January 2014 - 11:23 AM

He was prob on his computer/ iPad/ smart phone bang on the Monday morning - not much else to do,

#288236 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted EmiCardiff on 02 January 2014 - 03:05 PM

I did adore that moment in Sherlock :) (although Mark managed a sneaky tweet mid-performance himself!)

#288175 My Fair Lady Starring David Walliams And Sheridan Smith?!

Posted poster J on 01 January 2014 - 05:48 PM

I don't trust the Mirror as far as I could throw it, so I'm taking this with a mountain of salt.

I like Sheridan Smith, and think she'd be a decent Eliza acting-wise, though I think she's a little old for the part.  But she's not a great singer, she's just ok, and I highly doubt she'd be able to get anywhere near the last note of I Could Have Danced All Night.  The role needs a strong singer.

As for David Walliams, I'm sorry to be blunt, but the less said, the better.  I thought he was by far the weakest in the Grandage Midsummer Night's Dream, and can't think of many people who are less suited to playing Henry Higgins.  He and Smith don't have much chemistry on-stage either.

#288159 Famous People You've Seen In The Audience

Posted Nicholas on 01 January 2014 - 02:51 PM

View PostRyan, on 01 January 2014 - 01:58 PM, said:

Ed Miliband at 'Coriolanus' last night...

Isn’t Coriolanus about a man who struggles with the public side of politics?  I thought he’d want to watch something less close to the bone…

#288166 Bad Behaviour At A Show

Posted Lynette on 01 January 2014 - 04:06 PM

Which theatres sell hotdogs now? Name and shame.