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#293020 The Book Of Mormon

Posted Princeton on 15 February 2014 - 12:01 PM

Gavin Creel seems to have been out of the show quite a lot recently - is he OK - or perhaps he's just having a holiday now that the show has extended?

Ashley Day has posted that he's giving his 100th show as Elder Price today.  By my reckoning that's about a quarter of all the performances since it started previewing last February.  My hit rate is the other way round - having only seen Gavin once in the four times I have been there.

#260323 The Book Of Mormon

Posted Princeton on 29 March 2013 - 12:32 PM

When Sonia Freidman explained why that were bringing over Gavin Creel and Jared Gartner, and not using UK actors she said "it became clear early on during the audition process on London that we needed the real thing".  Am therefore assuming that this week she's either eating her words or standing in the foyer offering refunds!

Obviously not - as having seen both Gavin and Ashley Day - there's not much to call between them although they play the part differently - certainly wouldn't consider one the real thing and one not.

Why do producers feel the need to say such ridiculous things in order to justify decisions?  I'm sure that she always wanted a long run and therefore a recast - presumably with local actors. Given that the prices are going up and up this means she expects people to pay more for not seeing the real thing!!  

An apology to British actors including the majority of the current cast might be in order.  How about it Sonia?

#257032 A Chorus Line

Posted Princeton on 03 March 2013 - 06:55 PM

Guess the basic fact is the he is entitled to take some shows off as holiday - if he choses (or has been given permission) to use this time to do television work (or his forthcoming cabaret at the Hippodrome) so be it.  Victoria Hamilton Barritt was away on Friday and both show Saturday - and is tweeting that she's in Budapest.  Seems to me that the producers are pretty relaxed about their cast taking time off so early in the run.  Perhaps they are determined to prove that it's an ensemble show not a star driven vehicle.

It's not dissimilar to Book of Mormon in the US where they didn't officially announce that Josh Gad, Andrew Ranells, Gavin Creel or Jared Gertner were leaving until after their final performance (and they seem to have been told not to tweet about it either).

You can't really blame actors for not letting people know what it going on.  It's the producers' responsibility - and increasingly they seem to think that audiences are the least important people in the theatre.