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Theatre Based Dreams

12 October 2013 - 09:16 AM

I was wondering if anyone here had any fun dreams that they can recall based around Musical Theatre?

I will get the ball rolling, the other night I was wandering around the west end (which had a lot more staircases and corridor than I seem to recall it actually having... And I was looking for shows which I could pick up last minute tickets to, and the show that caught my eye and I was desperate to see was a musical version of 'War of the Worlds' with music by Taylor Swift and starring Amanda Seyfried...

I should clarify that I don't think I would have much desire to see that under normal circumstances!

So, any more fun stories?

Scott Alan & Home The Musical

05 August 2013 - 09:54 AM

Last night composer Scott Alan performed a concert at the indigo2 at the o2. The first act consisted of various performers singing the songs of Scott Alan, then after the interval we were treated to the world premiere of the full score of 'Home the musical' which he has been writing for the last 13 years, and had its first reading in New York in June.

Act 1 Highlights:
-Pretty much all of it! But I think the standout moment was Cynthia Erivo singing 'Anything worth holding on to', her voice is truly gorgeous and when she sings, she makes everyone in the room feel like she is singing directly to them, she had most of the audience on their feet!
-Willemijn Verkaik also has an incredible voice, which just sends chills through your entire body, she truly is a wonder to behold and Wicked fans are in for a treat in November!
-Shoshana Bean, Greg Oliver and John Owen-Jones were also terrific and moved me to the point of tears!
-The trios, duets and group numbers were also beautiful as the harmonies were incredible and showed off the beautiful music perfectly!

Home The Musical:

Plot: A young Woman named Catherine returns to her childhood home after 9 years to discover how her life, family and emotions have changed.

Opinion: Excellent score, performed beautifully by the female cast of the performance, some of the songs I had heard before, such as the title number 'Home', which Shoshana Bean performs perfectly. All the songs are sung from the point of view of Catherine, which I believe is split into 4 parts for the show, to show the character at different ages. Julie Atherton and Cynthia Erivo were both Hilarious in the comic relief numbers of the show, and Willemijn Verkaik again showcased her incredible voice. Annalene Beechey's performance of 'Goodnight' was overwhelmingly emotional, and the show as a whole had me as an emotional wreck!

All I can say, is that if Scott does another concert, or his musical makes it to the stage, make sure you are there!

It All Looks Different And It Scares Me.

05 June 2013 - 09:10 PM

Suddenly our forum appears to have got a new lick of paint, must say it greatly confused me at first but it is growing on me! What does everyone else think?

2014 Olivier Awards

26 May 2013 - 10:32 AM

I realise it is very early, but a bit of speculation is always fun, and it looks like we could have one of the best races I have seen at the awards this year. In theory, the lists could be:

Best New Musical:
-Book Of Mormon
-Charlie and the Chocolate factory
-Stephen Ward
-Newsies (may not open in time, but is rumoured to be aiming for spring 2014)
-The Commitments
-From here to eternity
-I can't sing

Best Musical Revival
-Miss Saigon
-Merrily We Roll Along

And there is still most of the year for new productions to be announced!

My personal predictions are:

Musical: Mormon
Revival: Miss Saigon
Actor: Christopher Fitzgerald
Actress: Whoever gets kim, or Alexia Khadime if Saigon doesn't open in time
Supporting: Stephen Ashfield
Technical Awards: Charlie and the Chocolate factory

What does everyone else think?